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ASWSU, Tri-CitiesAssociated Students of Washington State University Tri-Cities509-372-7128West
Acker-Hocevar, MicheleCollege of Education, Professor, Educational Leadership509-372-7251West
Aebersold, AndreaCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor Department of English509-372-7390CIC
Aebersold, SimonCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor of English, Director of Writing and Tutoring Centers509-372-7342CIC Library
Aguilar, VictoriaOffice Admin, Career Development Center509-372-7613West
Ahamed, AftabLaboratory Coordinator, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7697BSEL
Ahring, BirgitteDirector, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7682BSEL
Alcazar, LuisMESA Director509-372-7343West Annex
Allena, SrinivasCollege of Engineering, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering509-372-7161West
Almaguer, JessicaCollege of Nursing, Grad Teaching Assistant509-372-7051Nursing
Andersen, CarrieAssistant Director, Facilities & Operations509-372-7243CIC
Ardasheva, YuliyaCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, ESL/Bilingual Education509-372-7501West
Aronow, MichelleCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7165Nursing
Arsanto, KyleGrounds Nursery Specialist509-372-7109West Annex/Shop
Arteaga, KarinaCollege of Nursing, Nursing Pathways Grant509-372-7181Nursing
Ashley, NancyCollege of Business, Information Systems, Associate Professor509-372-7359West
Avila, SergioFacilities, Grounds & Nursery Specialist509-372-7109West Annex/Shop
Ayers, LoAnnDirector, STEM Grant Programs509-372-7252CIC
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Baker, TimCollege of Business, Associate Professor, Decision Science509-372-7277West
Balint, EadieCampus Events Coordinator509-372-7214West
Barajas, KarinaAssistant to the Chief of Staff509-372-7208East
Barnes, DallasAssociate Director of Special Projects & Work Study, Career Development Center509-372-7172West
Barron, SaraCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7179Nursing
Bates, AshtonGEAR UP Site Supervisor, Warden High School509-349-2581
Bauman, RobertCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, History509-372-7249CIC
Bauman, StephanieCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Psychology509-372-7363CIC
Beehler, TheresaGEAR UP Office Assistant509-372-7231ICB Suite
Beidler, AphroditeCounseling Services509-372-7153West
Berretta, MatthewCollege of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, Department of Physics509-372-7182CIC
Berry, HelenProgram Coordinator, Academic Affairs509-372-7394West
Bisch, SteveLibrary, Circulation Supervisor509-372-7313CIC
Biswas, RajibPostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7631BSEL
Blackmore, KarlMaintenance Mechanic 2509-372-7114East
Blanscett, TimothyCollege of Nursing, Grad Teaching Assistant509-372-7183Nursing
Bondada, BhaskarCollege of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor, Viticulture509-372-7348East
Branson, ScottGEAR UP Program Specialist, Prescott Jr High509-849-2217
Bravo, JesusCollege of Business, Assistant Professor509-372-7331West
Brumbaugh, AaronInformation Technology Services, Manager of Media Services/AMS509-372-7284West
Burnett, MonicaGEAR UP Site Manager, Paterson High
Burns, KelliCollege of Nursing, Graduate Teaching Assistant509 372-7190Nursing
Bushmaker, RhondaCollege of Nursing, Program Assistant509-372-7180Nursing
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Cameron, RickCollege of Engineering, Instructor509-372-7467West
Campbell, SusanCollege of Nursing, Interim Program Director509-372-7169Nursing
Capan, CigdemCollege of Arts & Sciences, Instructor, Department of Physics509-372-7147CIC
Carr, NancyGrant Administrator/Manager509-372-7362East
Carrasco, FlorindaGEAR UP Site Manager, Columbia High
Carrillo, LupeGEAR UP Clerical Assitant, Chiawana High
Castillo, MariaCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7168Nursing
Castrellon, TammyAcademic Advisor509-372-7382CIC
Center, VeteransVeterans Center509-372-7364West
Chamberlain, RogerGEAR UP Site Manager, Soap Lake High School509-246-1201 x2203Soap
Chavez, AlidaFacilities, Custodian509-372-7243CIC
Christenson, PeterCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor of Fine Arts, Digital Technology & Culture509-372-7285West
Clark, SilviaGEAR UP Assistant Director509-372-7271ICB Suite
Colvin, KimLibrary, Technical Processing509-372-7428CIC
Cooper, WilliamCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, School of Biological Sciences509-372-7175ICB Suite
Cordova, CricketNorthwest Public Radio509-372-7162Annex
Cort, JohnCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Adjunct
Cowin, KathleenCollege of Education, Clinical Associate
Cozza, VanessaCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, Department of English509-372-7137CIC
Cree, ChristopherGrants and Contracts Specialist509-372-7131East
Creston, Sena ClaraCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Fine Arts509-372-7419West
Culbert, ElizabethFood & Environmental Quality Lab, Agriculture Research Technician509-372-7490East
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Dailey, JaneFiscal Analyst509-372-7106East
Daniels, CatherineWashington State Pest Management Resource Service509-372-7495Extension
Davis, AndréaCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, English509-372-7182CIC
Davis, JeffreyGEAR UP Academic Specialist, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666 x2905Moses
De Leon Vela, RafaelGEAR UP Site Manager, Chiawana High School509-543-6786
Dean, MalindaGEAR UP Academic Specialist, Walla Walla High School509-526-8621Walla
Demissie, YonasCollege of Engineering, Assistant Professor, Civil & Environmental Engineering509-372-7344West
Dennison, JeffreyDirector, Marketing and Communication509-372-7319East
Disselkamp, RobertCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Adjunct
Drexler, LeahGEAR UP Office Assistant509-372-7256ICB Suite
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Edwards, SheilaCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7190Nursing
Elizondo, JoseGEAR UP Site Manager, Kennwick High
Ena, ShelleyGEAR UP Site Supervisor, Irrigon HS & Riverside Jr/Sr HS541-922-5551x2380/ 541-481-2525x2181Irrigon & Boardman,
Engel, RyanGEAR UP Academic Specialist, Walla Walla High School509-526-8621Walla
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Farabee, CherylLibrary, Reference509-372-7387CIC
Farley, BrigitCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, History509-372-7357CIC
Fassler, DavidInformation Technology Services, Media Services509-372-7203West
Felsot, AllanCollege of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Entomology & Environmental Toxicology; FEQL509-372-7365East
Fincher, Ken Assistant Vice Chancellor for Advancement & Community Engagement509-372-7398East
Finkbeiner, WendiProcurement & Supply Specialist509-372-7201East
Firestone, JonahCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning509-372-7198West
Flatt, CourtneyNorthwest Public Radio, multimedia journalist509-372-7404West
Flieger, ErickVet-Corps Coordinator509-372-7143West
Fox, CaseyDirector of Development, Wine Sciences Program509-372-7445West
Frame, DonInformation Technology Services, Voice Services Coordinator509-372-7275CIC
Franklin, ShawnInformation Technology Services, IT Technician509-372-7236CIC
Frasure, ChelseaFacilities, Custodian509-372-7243CIC
Fry, JustinLead Process Engineering Technician, WSU programs in BSEL509-371-10052765 Einstein
Fry, SteveInformation Technology Services, Manager509-372-7355CIC
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Gardinier, RhondaDirector, Upward Bound
Garza, MariselaDevelopment Coordinator509-372-7207East
Gast, DouglasCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor of Fine Arts, Director of The Art Center509-372-7185West
Gomez, MaribelGEAR UP Office Assistant, Southridge & Kamiakan HS509-222-6063 /
Gorze, FeliciaGEAR UP Office Assistant, Walla Walla High School509-526-8261Walla
Gover, HarveyLibrary, Assistant Campus Librarian509-372-7204CIC
Graber, GretchenNative Plant Greenhouse
Grant, JerriGEAR UP Site Manager, Walla Walla High School509-526-8261Walla
Grant, KarenCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Chemistry, Program Director509-372-7376West
Griffin, DianaCollege of Nursing, Grad Teaching Assistant509-524-4794Walla
Grizzel, AmyGEAR UP Site Supervisor, Ephrata High School509-754-5285
Guerra, JenniferGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Moses Lake HS509-766-2661 x2905Moses
Guillen, MartinGEAR UP Site Manager, Pasco High School509-547-5581
Gunda, PadmajaInstruction & Classroom Support Technician 2509-372-7485East
Gutierrez, LinoStudent Success Program Coordinator509-372-7241West
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Hallsted, ChuckEarly Outreach/GEAR UP Director509-372-7278ICB Suite B Ofc.
Harper, KathyFiscal Specialist/Cashier509-372-7498East
Hebert, VincentCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Food & Environmental Quality Lab509-372-7393East
Hemenway, LaurenGEAR UP Site Manager, Walla Walla High School509-526-8261Walla
Henick-Kling, ThomasDirector, Viticulture & Enology, Professor of Enology509-372-7292West
Hermsen, DeeFacilities, Copy/Mail Center509-372-7273West
Hicks, RachelGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Walla Walla High School509-526-8621Walla
Hitzroth, MicheleBusiness Office, Travel/Inventory509-372-7270East
Hoch, StevenCollege of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Department of History509-372-7145CIC
Horne, Shannon21st Century Site Manager, McLoughlin Middle
Hossain, AkramVice Chancellor for Research, Grad Studies & External Programs509-372-7314East
Hsiao, Yun-JuCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, Special Education509-372-7505West
Hudson, ScottCollege of Engineering, Professor, Electrical Engineering509-372-7254West
Hughes, JillCollege of Nursing, Grad Teaching Assistant509-876-6263Nursing
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Iannelli, JosephExecutive Director of Engineering509-372-7420West
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James, KennethGEAR UP Site Manager, College Place High School509-522-3312x 4123College
Jensen, CherylAdministrative Assistant, Academic Affairs509-372-7396West
Johnson, CarolFacilities, Custodian509-372-7243CIC
Johnson, EricCollege of Education, Teaching and Learning, Assistant Professor509-372-7304West
Jones, KraigCollege of Business, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Accounting509-372-7311West
Jordan, SteveCollege of Engineering, Mechanical Engineering Technician509-372-7307West
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Kearney, CarlyEarly Outreach509-372-7230CIC
Kessler, LisaLead Office Administrator, Career Development Center509-372-7600West
Khan, MohiuddinAssistant Clinical Professor, Civil and Environmental
King, AnnaNorthwest Public Radio, Regional News Bureau Correspondent509-372-7406West
Kleist, DanielleNew Student and Living Community Coordinator509-372-7104West
Klingenberg, StaceyGEAR UP Academic Specialist, Walla Walla High School509-526-8621Walla
Konzek, SteveBusiness Office, Accounts Payable509-372-7379East
Koopman, ScottManager, Career Development Center509-372-7610West
Koreis, JanisDirector, Upward Bound - Moses Lake509-766-2666Moses
Kuhn, BillCollege of Engineering, Department of Chemical Engineering, Academic Program Coordinator509-375-2944 
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LaMere, SpringGEAR UP Program Specialist, Dayton High
Larreau, TimInformation Technology Services, Media Services509-372-7203West
Laskar, DhrubojyotiPostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7624BSEL
LePage, JaneFood & Environmental Quality Lab, Agriculture Research Technician509-372-7465East
Lee, BethanyNorthwest Public Radio509-372-7407Annex
Lei, HanwuAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7628BSEL
Lewis, BobCollege of Engineering, Associate Professor, Computer Science509-372-7178West
Lightner, LindsayAcademic Advisor509-372-7366West
Lima Junior, EdwardOffice Admin, Career Development Center509-372-7612West
Lobdell, KeriTRIOS, Student Success Specialist509-372-7156East
Long, ChrisGEAR UP Site Manager, Touchet Elementary/High
Looney, BrianInformation Technology Services, Media Services509-372-7203West
Lopez, MariaTRiO Program Assistant509-372-7157East
Lora, MariellaAdmissions Counselor509-372-7140West
Lowry, DavidCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Science509-372-7144West
Lunstad, Jana KayEnrollment Management Coordinator509-372-7279West
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Malecha, LaurieStudent Services, Office Assistant509-372-7141West
Malone, StevenVeterans Affairs Psychologist509-372-7195West
Mancinelli, JohnChief of Staff and Operations509-372-7237East
Mansperger, MarkCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Associate Professor, Anthropology509-372-7383CIC
Martinez, NadiaLisaGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Columbia
Mason, AnneCollege of Nursing, Assistant Clinical Professor509-524-5152Walla
Matthews, AllisonCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology509-372-7146CIC
Mays, MichaelVice Chancellor for Academic Affairs509-372-7380West
McAteer, KathleenAssistant Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs509-372-7371West
McCormick, DebraHuman Resource Consultant509-372-7302East
McDonald, TamiMaintenance Mechanic 1509-372-7126CIC 3rd
McDuffie, Amy RothCollege of Education, Teaching and Learning, Professor509-372-7384West
McFall, JeffFacilities, Custodian509-372-7243 / Pager:543-0061West
Meiers, ChrisVice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Services509-372-7381West
Meinecke, JenniferGEAR UP Office Assistant509-372-7291ICB Suite
Mejia, JessicaHuman Resources Consultant Assistant509-372-7418East
Mendoza, DavidGEAR UP Site Manager, Mabton Jr/Sr High
Mendoza, MayraGEAR UP Education/Parent Services Specialist509-372-7238ICB Suite
Mercer, MegSciences Lab Coordinator509-372-7327East
Metcalf, SteveDepartment of Chemistry, Adjunct Faculty509-372-7295West
Miller, JohnCollege of Engineering, Associate Professor Computer Science509-372-7232West
Miller, LindaAcademic Advisor509-372-7202Nursing
Mitchell, DannySchool of Chemistry, College of Veterinary Medicine, Clinical Assistant Professor509-372-7184East
Mitchell, RamonaLibrary, Circulation509-372-7303CIC
Mo, ChangkiCollege of Engineering, School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering509-372-7296West
Moo-Young, KeithChancellor509-372-7258East
Moore, EmmettCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Environmental Science, Adjunct Faculty509-372-7276CIC
Moreno, JorgeMESA, High School Coordinator509-372-7244West Annex
Morrison, JudyCollege of Education, Associate Professor Teaching & Learning509-372-7176West
Moscatelli, MariaCollege of Education, Teaching & Learning509-372-7186CIC
Mota, Jesus21st CCLC Director509-372-7210ICB Suite B Office
Mota, LupeGEAR UP & Early Outreach Programs Supervisor509-372-7222ICB Suite B Ofc.
Myers, AshleyGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Ki-Be High School509-588-2168Kiona Benton
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Naas, BrittanyTransfer Admissions Counselor509-372-7221West
Neorr-Mackey, CindyCollege of Nursing, Nursing Pathways Grant509-372-7112Nursing
Newcomer, SarahCollege of Education, Assistant Professor, Teaching & Learning509-372-7170West
Noor-A-Alam, MohammedCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering509-372-7459West
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O'Neal, SallyWashington State Pest Management Resource Service509-372-7378West Annex
Olsen, JaniceExam
Olson, KayCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7165Nursing
Osman, MohamedCollege of Engineering, Professor, Electrical Engineering509-372-7287West
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Park, Soo HyunMESA Middle School Coordinator509-372-7385West Annex
Parker, CharlotteWSU Extension, Database Coordinator509-372-7489West Annex
Parthree, JaniceDOE Reading Room509-372-7443CIC 101L 
Parvinen, MichelleGEAR UP Office Manager509-372-7286ICB Suite B, Ofc.
Pasch, LindaEdward R. Murrow College of Communication KWSU and KTNW Public Television Account Executive509-372-7405West Annex
Paul, DonnaProgram Lead, Business; Associate Professor,
Paxton, CarolynGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Kamiakan
Penland, ShilohDirector, TRiO Student Support Services509-372-7389East
Percifield, AndyMaintenance Mechanic 2509-372-7605West
Peters, JanetCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor590-372-7431CIC
Petersen, SaraCollege of Education, Clinical Assistant Professor, Special Education509-372-7395West
Peterson, Sally21st CCLC Site Manager, Ochoa Middle
Phillips, KristenAdmissions Recruiter509-372-7245West
Pieracci, MichaelCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, Humanities509-372-7392CIC
Pierce, MeganGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Southridge
Pivovarnik, AlyseGEAR UP Site Manager, Ki-Be High School509-588-2168Kiona Benton
Pratt, JamesCollege of Arts & Sciences, Professor, Environmental Science509-372-7212West
Pruneda, VeronicaGEAR UP Office Assistant, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666Moses
Punch, LeeCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7151Nursing
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Rachinski, AnnekeHanford History Partnership Program Coordinator509-372-7125West
Ramirez, SilviaGEAR UP Student Achievement Specialist, Pasco High School509-547-5581
Ramos, MariaUpward Bound Program Assistant,
Ramos, MonaExam
Ramsey, Marcie21st CCLC Site Manager, Sevens Middle
Reidel, SteveCollege of Arts & Sciences, Research Professor, Geology509-372-7397CIC
Reynolds, BritneyGEAR UP Clerical Assitant, Ephrata High School509-754-5285
Rodgers, AllisonStudent Involvement Supervisor509-372-7300West
Rodriguez, MariaMESA, Program Assistant509-372-7301104 West Campus
Rodriguez, NidiaGEAR UP Achievement Specialist, Pasco High School509-547-5581
Roe, NancyCampus Registrar509-372-7351West
Rogers, LeeCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Biology, Adjunct Faculty509-372-7322CIC
Roland, BeaGEAR UP Site Supervisor, Prosser High
Rubio, AmandalynGEAR UP Site Manager, Riverview High School509-582-2158
Ruiz, JenniferGEAR UP Tutor, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666 x2905Moses
Ruiz, RaquelGEAR UP Office Assistant509-372-7263ICB Suite
Rushmeier, PaulaGrants Specialist509-372-7426East
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Saad, MessihaCollege of Engineering, Clinical Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering509-372-7452West
Saint Claire, BrandieProgram Assistant, Office of Advancement and Regional Development509-372-7264East
Sammons, JohnnyMaintenance Mechanic509-372-7120East
Sams, AnnanaomiLibrary, Director509-372-7448CIC
Sanchez, AdrianaAdmissions Recruiter509-372-7247West
Schramm, GeoffreyCareer Coach, Career Development Center509-372-7616CIC
Schwenson, DebbieWSU Viticulture & Enology, Principal Assistant509-372-7224West
Scott, JayGEAR UP Site Manager, Kamiakin High School509-222-7000
Scott, LeahGEAR UP Site Manager, St. John High School509-648-3336 x139St.
Scrivner, DarleneAdministrative Assistant to the Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Management & Student Services509-372-7358West
Search, DavidInformation Technology Services, System Administrator509-372-7218CIC
Selk, SteveGEAR UP Program Specialist, St. John High School509-648-3336 x139St.
Shaporda, IrinaGEAR UP Parent Outreach Coordinator, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666Moses
Sharp, NicholeGraduate Teaching Assistant509-372-7179Nursing
Sherman, JenniferCollege of Arts & Sciences, Assistant Professor, Sociology509-372-7239CIC
Shoaf, MatthewCareer Coach, Career Development Center509-372-7612West
Skilton, PaulCollege of Business, Assistant Professor, Department of Management509-372-7240West
Slack, NicoleCollege of Nursing, Grad Teaching Assistant509-372-7551Nursing
Slocum Gabel, KellyGEAR UP Site Manager, Southridge High
Smearman, JaniceWriting Center Office Assistant, Junior Writing Portfolio administrator509-372-7399CIC Library
Smith, PeterSpecial Assistant to the Chancellor for Finance & Administration509-372-7261East
Sobotta, PatrickGEAR UP Site Manager, Lincoln Middle School/Clarkston High
Sorenson, AnnettePostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7688BSEL
Srinivas, KeerthiPostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7627BSEL
St.Clair, JamesViticulture509-372-7269East
Steinshouer, AndreaFacilities, Copy/Mail Center509-372-7273West
Strand, JohnCollege of Arts & Sciences, Department of Environmental Science, Adjunct Faculty509-372-7326CIC
Strand, PaulCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Psychology509-372-7177CIC
Sweet, EllyCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Assistant Professor509-372-7525ICB Suite
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Tan, LiCollege of Engineering, Assistant Professor, Computer Science509-372-7167West
Tapia Lombera, ClaudiaGEAR UP Financial Literacy Coordinator509-372-7274ICB Suite
Teller, PhilipPilot Plant Research Manager, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7692BSEL
Thomas, JaneWashington State Pest Management Resource Service509-372-7493West Annex
Thomsen, KeithAssistant Director, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7684BSEL
Tijerina, NaomiGEAR UP Program Assistant, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666 x2905Moses
Tijerina Pearson, CherishDisability Services Coodinator509-372-7352West
Tolmachev, SergeiResearch Professor, College of Pharmacy, Director USTUR509-946-6870Richland
Tomren, ScottEnvironmental Health and Safety Coordinator509-372-7163BSEL
Tragesser, SarahCollege of Arts & Sciences, Associate Professor, Psychology509-372-7388CIC
Trevino-Carrillo, AlyssaGEAR UP Office Assistant, Ki-Be High School509-588-2168Kiona Benton
Trimble, GregInformation Technology Services, IT Technician509-372-7268CIC
Tritt, TeresaExecutive Assistant, Facilities & Administration509-372-7253East
Tucker, ChristopherGEAR UP Information Technology Application Specialist509-372-7282ICB Suite
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Valdez, SophieBusiness Office, Payroll Coordinator509-372-7260East
Valdivia, Karen21st CCLC Office Assistant509-372-7230ICB Suite
Vines, MaryCollege of Nursing, Instructor509-372-7051Nursing
Voulgarakis, NikolaosDepartment of Mathematics, Assistant Professor509-372-7373CIC
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Waggoner, RebeccaGEAR UP Program & Marketing Coordinator509-526-8261Walla
Wang, Xue-BinResearch Associate Professor, WSU programs in BSEL509-371-6132EMSL
Weaver, RachelGEAR UP Site Manager, Moses Lake High School509-766-2666Moses
Wheeler, MichelleGEAR UP Office Assistant509-372-7266ICB Suite
Wilkerson, CarolCollege of Arts & Sciences, Clinical Associate Professor, Foreign Languages and Culture509-372-7139CIC
Willoughby, HeatherMarketing & Communications, Graphic Designer509-372-7318East
Wilson, KristenAcademic Advisor509-372-7614West
Wilson, LorraineExecutive Assistant, Office of the Chancellor509-372-7258East
Winkler, ShaunaService Worker 1509-372-7160West
Woehle, BrittanyProgram Assistant, Academic Affairs509-372-7306West
Wright, JordynFinancial Aid and Scholarships Coordinator509-372-7228West
Wright, SusanOffice of the Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs509-372-7217West
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Xu, LiCollege of Business, Assistant Professor, Accounting509-372-7246West
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Yang, BinAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7640BSEL
Young, TeresaFacilities, Custodian509-372-7243CIC
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Zalubil, LydiaStudent Services, Enrollment/Scheduling Program Assistant509-372-7136West
Zhang, XiaoAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSEL509-372-7647BSEL
Zocher, ZaneFacilities, Copy/Mail Center509-372-7273West