Computer Science

Faculty Research

Associate Professor Robert R. Lewis
His research interests include:
  • computer graphics
  • numerical analysis
  • computer vision
  • wavelets
  • operating systems
  • computational geometry
  • application languages
  • programming environments
  • scientific programming
  • scientific visualization.
Some additional interests include:
  • computer animation
  • computer aided design for electrical engineering
  • user interface
  • astrophysics.
Associate Professor John Miller
An emeritus staff scientist at the Pacific National Northwest Laboratory (PNNL), Dr. Miller conducts research in bioinformatics and computational biology in collaboration with PNNL scientists, in the biology and chemistry divisions, who characterize biological samples by proteome-wide high throughput mass spectrometry. Using data-mining techniques, Dr. Miller integrates these data with metabolic pathway information to increase our understanding of microorganism that have the potential to make commercial bio-products. Through collaboration with a former graduate student that is currently on the staff in PNNL’s chemistry division, Dr. Miller can investigate the structure and dynamics of DNA and proteins. These computational chemistry calculations help us understand biological systems at the molecular level.Two projects Dr. Miller is currently working on with graduate students are:
  • Processing high-throughput mass-spectrometry data: This project is developing software to improve the interpretation of mass-spectrometry data on complex biological samples.
  • Integration of high-throughput mass-spectrometry data with simulations of metabolic network fluxes.
Assistant Professor Li Tan
His current research topics and collaboration include:
  • Specialty Crops Sensor-Based Decision Making, with WSU Prosser and UC Davis. Funded by USDA
  • Develop sustainable stem-free sweet cherry products, with WSU Prosser. Funded by USDA
  • Property coverage testing: a holistic approach to software testing with formal specification
  • Digital social movements: measuring social movement in the digital age, with WSU and University of Idaho sociology department
  • Resilient software architecture for multi-core platforms, with University of Idaho.