Running Start

Fast-Tracked and Cost-Effective College Education

Washing State University Tri-Cities is proud to offer the Running Start program for qualifying high school students. Upon acceptance to this program, high school juniors and seniors can take free* WSU courses on the Tri-Cities campus while earning high school credit. The courses they take here will fill high school requirements and earn them college credits.

Students can take up to 15 credits at WSU, paid for through the school district, which would equate to a full-time schedule at their high school. If desired, students can split their schedules between the high school and university in order to continue participation in high school extra-curricular activities.

*A balanced full- time schedule either at the university or split between the high school and university is covered and paid for by the student’s school district as long as the student does not exceed state full-time FTE limitations. If a student exceeds full-time credit status, they are required to pay for the overloaded credits.

Interested in Running Start?
As a parent, it is a great experience to see your child go through such a unique program. I also save tons of money with both of my daughters in the WSU Tri-Cities Running Start program....I love seeing my daughter get ahead on her education, and I cannot wait until my second daughter begins in the fall. I would recommend this program to all of the students who think they are up for the challenge.” – Veronica I., parent of Diana.

WSU Tri-Cities Running Start Information Nights are a great way to familiarize yourself with the program and to ask questions. The events are hosted on campus and at various high schools.

Thursday, Feb. 26 p.m.Southridge High School
Thursday, Feb. 166 p.m.Pasco High School
Thursday, Feb. 167 p.m.Chiawana High School
Tuesday, Feb. 216 p.m.Hanford High School
Wednesday, Feb. 226 p.m.Richland High School
Thursday, Feb. 236 p.m.Kamiakin High School
Thursday, March 25 p.m.KiBe High School
Wednesday, March 87:30 p.m.Kennewick High School
Thursday, March 96 p.m.Columbia Burbank High School
Monday, March 66 p.m.Othello High School
Wednesday, March 1511:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.Prosser High School
(table during lunch hour)
Wednesday, April 126 to 7 p.m.WSU Tri-Cities East Auditorium

Students who have a cumulative GPA of 3.50 or higher meet the assured admission criteria and are not required to submit standardized test until officially applying to WSU Tri-Cities after high school graduation. However, all students are encouraged to submit PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT, or ACT Residual scores.

Students who are below the cumulative GPA of 3.50 or are homeschooled must submit PSAT, PLAN, SAT, ACT, or ACT Residual scores for admission consideration.

Complete the online application.

Print, sign and upload the Parent Permission Form

Upload your unofficial transcript.

Submit your required standardized test scores for consideration if you have not met the 3.5 cumulative GPA requirement,

Monitor your application status online

Our Running Start staff review the application to make sure all application components have been included. Students with an incomplete application receive an email and a phone call stating what is missing from his or her application.

Students who are admitted will receive an email notifying them of the good news and directing them to next steps.

Note that admissions to the Running Start program is not considered for general admission to a degree-seeking program at WSU Tri-Cities.

All Running Start students are required to meet with an advisor in order to set up their course schedule each semester. Upon receiving placement results, the RS office will notify students about scheduling their initial advising appointment. Each RS student will work closely with their advisor in the Running Start office and with their high school counselor to ensure they are on track for a successful academic year and high school graduation.

Shannon HorneRunning Start Academic AdvisorCIC Building(509) 372 7438

Enrolling in dual credit programs such as Running Start or College in the High School may seem complicated because it is a different process than registering for your high school classes. But don’t worry.

See our Frequently Asked Questions about dual enrollment and contact us with any other questions or concerns. We’re here to help and we want to hear from you.

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