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Spring 2021 Fine Arts Exhibit
A self-portrait of a young 20 year-old woman with light brown hair with highlights and big eyes.

About This Project

The project was to create a self-portrait. A self-portrait should embody who are physically but should also portray something about your inner self. I decided to title it “Self”. In it, I wanted to capture all the physical features that embody me like my messy, hard to contain curly hair, my broad shoulders, my bushy expressive eyebrows, and my big eyes. In my eyes with them looking slightly off in the distance with a solemn look represents some of my inner feelings of sorrow and anxiety that is meant to reflect the feeling that this past year left on us. The past year has left a lasting effect on all of us and can be seen in our faces. I wanted to show this subtly in my facial expression but also to make my features the most prominent. I also chose not to include a background or any other details so that it does not distract from the overall focus of the piece which is me. I created this self-portrait by looking at myself in a mirror to get my proportioning right. I started by outlining my features and then shading to create the lights and darks of the face. I then went about the hair by doing several hundreds of curly lines to create my hair and then erased portions to create highlights. This portrait really helped me to appreciate myself and the act of drawing more.



Student Name

Emma Tomlinson




Fine Art 110: Introduction to Drawing


K. Sisson

FA 110 Introduction to Drawing, Graphite