Office of Student Conduct

Know the Code. Live the Code.

Know the Code. Live the Code.

The WSU Tri-Cities Office of Student Conduct fosters a developmental approach to student conduct, provides support and guidance to the University community and promotes WSU values and expectations. Through the Standards of Conduct for Students, Cougs hold themselves to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, and accountability.

Students are the life of our campus community. Their success and growth contributes not only to their life goals, but to the character of Washington State University, as well. To that end, our office enforces the Standards of Conduct in its effort to create an environment that cultivates individual virtues, protecting the University community, and upholding the institutional integrity of the University.

The WSU Tri-Cities Office of Student Conduct works directly with the WSU Office of Student Conduct on the Pullman campus. All students, regardless of campus, are held to the same Standards.

You can find WSU’s Standards of Conduct in the Washington Adminstrative Code (WAC) Chapter 504-26.

All communications from OSC will be sent to students’ e-mail address. If you wish to have notifications sent via physical mail, please contact us at

The Office of Student Conduct promotes students’ self-determination and ethical and moral development. The Office addresses the public health and community response to student conduct in a way that is fair, promotes student development, and protects the University community.

The Office of Student Conduct upholds the WSU Standards of Conduct for Students in a fair and equitable manner. We seek to involve students in the conduct process, recognizing their rights and responsibilities, and fostering self-determination and transformational engagement.

  • To equitably and fairly enforce the Standards of Conduct to educate students and protect the welfare of the University community
  • To uphold the Standards of Conduct in a manner that affords students their due process rights
  • To engage students through educational interventions that promote ethical decision making
  • To ensure compliance with federal and state laws and mandates



General Forms

I have not met with a conduct officer: Contest a charge.

I have already met with a conduct officer: Appeal a decision.

I didn’t show up for a meeting and a decision was made in my absence: Appeal a decision.

Academic Integrity Forms

I want to appeal a faculty member’s decision: Academic integrity appeal form.

I want to appeal educational sanctions: Appeal a decision.


The following policies & guidelines are referred to frequently throughout the conduct process:

For additional information, see WACs 504-26-401 and 407, which describe conduct officer actions and appeals, respectively.


Campus Appeals Board: Students who appeal a conduct officer’s decision will have their case reviewed by the Appeals Board.

Academic Integrity Hearing Board: Students who are found responsible by an instructor for an academic integrity violocation, and wish to appeal the decision, will be heard by this Board.

File A Complaint

To report an alleged violation of the WSU Standards of Conduct, please either contact our office directly (, 509-372-7433), or use any of the report forms listed below.

Contact Us

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