College of Arts & Sciences

Janet Peters

Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology
Janet Peters
Janet PetersScholarly Associate Professor, PsychologyCIC 125N


  • University of Wisconsin – Green Bay
  • Colorado State University, Masters
  • Colorado State University, Ph.D.

Joined WSU Tri-Cities in 2014



For me, teaching is joyous. As a passionate teacher and the WSUTC coordinator of faculty teaching development, I dedicate myself to science-based pedagogy and interventions aimed at improving student understanding.

Classes Regularly Taught:
Psych 105: Introductory Psychology
Psych 306: Industrial Psychology
Psych 308: Organizational Psychology
Psych 311: Statistics in Psychology
Psych 312: Research Methods in Psychology
Psych 497: Instructional Practicum
Psych 498: Research Practicum



  • Washington State University President’s Award for Leadership (2019)
  • Washington State University College of Arts & Sciences William F. Mullen
    Memorial Teaching Award (2019)
  • WSUTC Outstanding Teacher Award (2017)
  • Front Range Community College Award for Best Grant Project (2014)
  • Colorado State University George Thornton III Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2013)
  • Colorado State University College of Natural Sciences
    Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award (2013)
  • Colorado State University Richard Suinn Psychology Outstanding Graduate Student Award (2011)


  • Beyer, A. & Peters, J.M. (Eds.) (accepted for publication). For the Love of (Teaching) Statistics: Advice, Activities, and Resources. Society for the
    Teaching of Psychology.
  • Cavanagh, T. M., Leeds, C.E., & Peters, J.M. (in press). Increased oral communication self-efficacy leads to improved oral communication performance and overall academic success. Business and Professional Communication Quarterly.
  • Peters, J.M. (2018). Bell-ringers: Sneaking fun into stats. Noba Project Blog []
  • Kiersch, C.E. & Peters, J.M. (2017). Leadership
    from the inside out: Student leadership development within authentic leadership and servant leadership frameworks. Journal of Leadership Education.
  • Byrne, Z.S., Peters, J.M., & Weston, J. (2016). The struggle with employee engagement: Measures and construct clarification using five samples. Journal of Applied Psychology, 101(9), 1201-1227.