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College of Arts & Sciences

WSU Tri-Cities is a campus of Washington State University, which shares one central administration and one faculty. The campus strongly values diversity among its faculty, staff and students. As a campus of a land-grant institution, WSU Tri-Cities is committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituents.

Biological & Environmental Sciences

Headshot of Tanya Cheeke
Tanya CheekeAssistant Professor, BiologyEast 103
photo of Yimo Liu
Yimo LiuAssistant Professor (Career Track), Biology; Project SpecialistFloyd 207H
photo of Kathleen McAteer
Kathleen McAteerVice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs; Associate Professor (Career Track), BiologyFloyd 263E
photo of Lori Nelson
Lori NelsonAssistant Professor (Career Track), BiologyEast 126
Sarah Roley
Sarah RoleyAssistant Professor, Environmental ScienceEast 103
Elly Sweet
Elly SweetAssociate Professor (Career Track), BiologyEast 134

Chemistry & Physics

photo of Nelmi Devarie Baez
Nelmi Devarie BaezAssistant Professor (Career Track), ChemistryEast 130
photo of Elsa Silva Lopez
Elsa Silva LopezAssistant Professor (Career Track), ChemistryEast 132
Cigdem Capan
Cigdem CapanAssistant Professor (Career Track), PhysicsTCIC 125N

English & Foreign Languages

Francisco Serratos
Francisco Arellano SerratosAssistant Professor (Career Track), Foreign Languages and CultureCIC 201AD
Vanessa Cozza
Vanessa CozzaAssociate Professor (Career Track), EnglishTCIC 125Q
photo of Gibran Escalera
Gibran EscaleraAssistant Professor (Career Track), EnglishCIC 125D
Michael Mays
Michael MaysProfessor, EnglishCIC 125C
photo of Robin Ebert Mays
Robin Ebert MaysAssociate Professor (Career Track), EnglishCIC 201AE
photo of Anna Plemons
Anna PlemonsAssociate Vice Chancellor Academic and Student Affairs; Assistant Professor (Career Track), DTCFloyd 263G
Patty Wilde
Patricia WildeAssistant Professor, EnglishCIC 125F

DTC & Fine Arts

Peter Christenson
Peter ChristensonAssociate Professor, Fine ArtsCIC 125H
Headshot of Phillip Mudd
Phillip MuddAssistant Professor (Career Track), Fine ArtsCIC 102BB


photo of Robert Bauman
Robert BaumanAcademic Director; Professor, HistoryCIC 202F
Brigit Farley
Brigit FarleyAssociate Professor, HistoryCIC 202C
Headshot of Tracey Hanshew
Tracey HanshewAssistant Professor (Career Track), HistoryCIC 202K

Mathematics & Statistics

Headshot of Kevin Fiedler
Kevin FiedlerAssistant Professor (Career Track), MathematicsCIC 125ASummer Office Hours:M-F, 3-4pm
photo of Ryan Learn
Ryan LearnAssistant Professor (Career Track), StatisticsTCIC 125B
Dan Mitchell
Dan MitchellAssistant Professor (Career Track), MathematicsTCIC 125SDan Mitchell (2000) received his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of Washington.
photo of Saranah Selmi
Saranah SelmiAssistant Professor (Career Track), MathematicsCIC 125R


Stephanie Bauman
Stephanie BaumanAssociate Professor, PsychologyCIC 202D
Allison Matthews
Allison MatthewsAssociate Professor (Career Track), PsychologyTCIC 202G
Janet Peters
Janet PetersAssociate Professor (Career Track), PsychologyTCIC 202J
Paul Strand
Paul StrandProfessor, PsychologyCIC 202A
Sarah Tragesser
Sarah TragesserAssociate Professor, PsychologyTCIC 202E

Social Sciences

Mark Mansperger
Mark ManspergerProfessor (Career Track), AnthropologyCIC 125P
Michael Pieracci
Michael PieracciAssociate Professor (Career Track), HumanitiesCIC 125L


Eadie Balint
Eadie BalintAcademic Support Staff, College of Arts & SciencesTCIC 202KLiberal & Fine Arts, College of Arts & Sciences
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