Bridges Program

Blue Mountain Community College

From a Timberwolf to a Coug

In partnership with Blue Mountain Community College, WSU Tri-Cities offers the Bridges Transfer Program that will save you money in tuition and ensures you will graduate on-time.


No-cost transfer process

No costs for your transfer application or to access official community college transcripts to transfer to WSU Tri-Cities

Graduate in minimal time

Know what courses you will take from your first year in the program, preventing issues with credits transferring

Save money

Students who qualify will pay in-state tuition rates at WSU Tri-Cities after transferring

Steps to complete

1. Ensure you meet Bridges program eligibility (listed below)

2. Set up an appointment with the Bridges Transfer Advisor – Rafa Pruneda (

3. Complete the BMCC Declaration of Intent form

4. Meet regularly with your BMCC Counselor and WSU Tri-Cities Bridges Transfer Advisor

5. Remain in good academic standing at BMCC

6. Meet WSU admission standards

7. Complete the BMCC Application Notice form 

8. Apply to WSU Tri-Cities

9. Complete the Bridges Transcript Form

Plans of study

The Bridges Program plans of study take the guesswork out of deciding which classes are needed to achieve your degree. Use the plans of study with your community college counselor and the WSU Tri-Cities transfer admissions counselor to help you successfully navigate toward the degree of your choice.

Program Guidelines

Bridges Program Eligibility

The Bridges Program is for students who plan to start their education at Columbia Basin College (CBC) or Blue Mountain Community College (BMCC) and finish at Washington State University Tri-Cities (WSU Tri-Cities). This program is intended for students who have earned less than 45 quarter credits in community college with a 2.5 or higher cumulative GPA.

Students must be in the process of completing one of the following degrees: AAOT, ASOT/BUS or ASOT/CS.

Admission to WSU Tri-Cities and Degree Programs

Some degree programs require a separate application from the general WSU admissions application and may require that students are admitted to both the college and the program before taking classes.

Participating in the Bridges Program cannot guarantee acceptance in WSU Tri-Cities and/or admissions into a respective degree program.

Connect with the Bridges transfer advisor

staff image of Rafa Pruneda
Rafa Pruneda

Bridges Transfer Advisor

My pathway through BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities was the perfect fit for me. It allowed me to accomplish my personal and professional goals in the most timely and affordable way possible. Both institutions set me up for success in my career. I hope others take advantage of this incredible opportunity and enjoy it as much as I did.

Kyle Kopta
BMCC and WSU Tri-Cities alumnus
Associates of Arts Oregon Transfer from Blue Mountain Community College, 2018
Bachelors in Digital Technology and Culture from WSU Tri-Cities, 2021

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