High School Programs

Systematic Approach to Accelerate College Completion

Student who earn college credits while in high school are more likely to graduate and continue their education beyond high school. High School Programs provide educational outreach opportunities for K-12 students to help them explore colleges early and become college-ready.

High school students can take WSU courses on the WSU Tri-Cities campus (11-12th) or in their high schools (10-12th). Either way, students experience academic quality that will prepare them for a successful college career. Through partnerships, the Programs provide K-12 students STEM enrichment programs and various outreach events.

Running Start

Eligible high school juniors (11th) and seniors (12th) can take college courses on WSU Tri-Cities campus free of charge. Running Start students can choose courses from a wide variety of academic programs and receive both high school and college credit.

College in the High School

Eligible high school sophomores (10th), juniors (11th), and seniors (12th) have the opportunity to take free or low-cost college courses in their high schools. The courses are taught by qualified high school teachers who are approved by WSU faculty. Students receive both high school and college credit for the courses they take and therefore accelerate their progress through the education system. Like Running Start, students receive both high school and college credit for the courses they take.

Early Educational Outreach

K-12 students participate in challenging academic enrichment activities, interactive campus visits, and age-appropriate college knowledge learning experiences. The program – which is run in partnership with various organizations – is dedicated to helping students recognize their capabilities, realize their full potential, and establish their educational goals.

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