High School Programs


Cost-Effective and Efficient

Student who earn college credits while in high school are more likely to graduate and continue their education beyond high school. High school juniors and seniors can enroll in courses at WSU Tri-Cities and get a head start on their academic journey.

Students can take WSU courses on the WSU Tri-Cities campus or in their high school. Either way, they will experience academic quality that will prepare them for college career.

Running Start Celebration

The inaugural Running Start class at WSU Tri-Cities celebrated the end of the school year with Chancellor Moo-Young and their families. Learn more…

Running Start is intended to provide students a program option consisting of attendance at certain institutions of higher education and the simultaneous earning of high school and college/university credit. Running Start was initiated by the Legislature as a component of the 1990 parent and student Learning by Choice Law.

Students in grades 11 and 12 are allowed to take college courses at Washington’s community and technical colleges, and at Central Washington University, Eastern Washington University, Washington State University, and Northwest Indian College.

Running Start Students and their families do not pay tuition, but they do pay college fees and buy their own books, as well as provide their own transportation. Students receive both high school and college credit for these classes and therefore accelerate their progress through the education system. The exercise of that right is subject only to minimal eligibility and procedural requirements, which are spelled out, in state administrative rules. See RCW 28A.600.300 for more information.

College in the High School (CHS) programs provide college level academic courses in high schools to serve qualified high school students.

WSU Tri-Cities CHS programs are established through a contract between a high school and WSU Tri Cities. The high school and WSU Tri-Cities define the criteria for student eligibility. Local contracts shall clarify if participants in CHS classes are only those students seeking to earn college credits or if the classes can be comprised of both (1) students who are not seeking college credit and (2) those who are. In order for coursework to be recorded for academic credit, programs must adhere to the following guidelines.

CHS courses must be taught by teachers meeting faculty appointment criteria established by the departments at WSU. High school students enrolled in WSU Tri-Cities CHS are officially enrolled in the WSU Tri Cities campus and must meet WSU specific course requirements and prerequisites.