School of the Environment

Environmental Science at WSU Tri-Cities

Dr. Allan Felsot teaching a class


The bachelor’s degree in Earth and Environmental Science deals with the variety of environmental problems caused by humans as they live their lives; satisfying their needs and wants, processing materials, and releasing unwanted products into the environment. The field emerged as a response to these problems. Today this includes the issues of air and water pollution, biodiversity, hazardous waste, global climate change and ozone depletion.

With our integrated curriculum in the Environmental and Ecosystem Science major you will learn to:

  • Understand the dynamic forces of climate change, global change and human influence on biodiversity and ecosystems
  • Apply the latest science and technology to help solve environmental problems and conserve and manage natural resources, landscapes and ecosystems. This highly flexible degree program allows you to select coursework in areas of advanced ecology and environmental science to support your career development. We provide practical, hands-on experience and training to help you understand the dynamic processes influencing life on Earth.