Workplace Safety at WSU Tri-Cities

WSU Tri-Cities has a number of established programs intended to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses by controlling exposure to hazards.

Development of complete health & safety programs requires the combined efforts of each department, Environmental Health & Safety, and all employees.

The WSU Safety Policies and Procedures Manual provides a reference for all departments and employees.


Each department must develop and implement an Accident Prevention Program, which acts as the “umbrella” plan, describing procedures which apply to all employees within the department and identifying additional Work Specific Safety and Health Programs which might be necessary based on the activities performed by employees within the department.


The campus Safety Committee is composed of representatives of each department, and provides a forum for employee safety concerns. The Safety Committee promotes and supports their department’s safety and health programs, coordinates annual department inspections, discusses solutions to campus safety concerns, and makes recommendations to campus administration regarding serious safety issues when necessary.


EHS’s primary role is to assist departments, employees, and the safety committee in development and implementation of safety & health programs, promotes and supports the University’s overall safety and health program.