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WSU Tri-Cities is a campus of Washington State University, which shares one central administration and one faculty. The campus strongly values diversity among its faculty, staff and students. As a campus of a land-grant institution, WSU Tri-Cities is committed to excellence in research, learning, and outreach to all constituents.
photo of Akram Hossain
Akram HossainVice Chancellor for Research, Grad Studies & External ProgramsEast 241509-372-7314
photo of Tish Christman
Tish ChristmanAdministrative AssistantBSEL 229509-372-7683
Birgitte Ahring
Birgitte AhringProfessor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 225509-372-7682
Hanwu Lei
Hanwu LeiAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 225509-372-7628
Keerthi Srinivas
Keerthi SrinivasPostdoctoral Research Associate, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 127509-372-7627
Bin Yang
Bin YangAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 223509-372-7640
Xiao Zhang
Xiao ZhangAssistant Professor, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 224509-372-7647
Ahamed Aftab
Aftab AhamedLaboratory Coordinator, WSU programs in BSELBSEL 228509-372-7697
Marty Kroeger
Marty KroegerProcess Engineering TechnicianBSEL 203509-372-7697
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