Most WSU Tri-Cities fall 2021 courses to be offered in-person

Most WSU Tri-Cities fall 2021 courses to be offered in-person

Dear WSU Tri-Cities campus community,

Ensuring that proper safety measures are in place using updated guidance from health authorities and research regarding transmission, WSU Tri-Cities is expanding its plans to offer most of its courses in-person in fall 2021.

The decision to increase the number of in-person classes for fall is partially based on the recent decision to expand eligibility for the COVID-19 vaccine to all individuals over the age of 16, beginning Thursday, April 15. Additionally, we expect that the three-feet social distancing allowance granted to K-12 schools will be possible in college classrooms come fall.

Research has shown that equidistant three-feet spacing provides a controlled environment. Studies have also shown that outbreaks are not occurring in the classroom, but rather in social settings.

Course plans for WSU Tri-Cities this fall:

  • Classes up to 36 students will be offered 100% in-person
  • Lab sections with increased ventilation will be offered 100% in-person
  • Computer lab sections will be offered 100% in-person, but will be reduced in size to 15 students per section
  • Classes with 37-64 students will have an in-person component (Hyflex or hybrid)
  • Classes of 65 students or more will have virtual delivery

Face coverings will be required in fall 2021 for all areas of the WSU Tri-Cities campus and facilities will maintain sanitation protocols between use.

Students who are unable to attend in-person for health reasons will have virtual access to courses.

For employees with a medical condition that impacts your ability to work on campus, please contact Disability Services to inititate the reasonable accommodation process at or 509-335-4521. In addition, the following information may be helpful:

Employees should also use the following resource for more information:

These plans for in-person learning are subject to change, based on the health conditions and regulations regionally and state-wide leading up to the fall 2021 semester. We will continue to keep faculty, staff, and students updated this spring and throughout the summer.

I continue to thank our students, faculty, and staff for their patience and adaptability throughout this last year, which was characterized by uncertainty that has kept all of us on our toes.


Sandra Haynes, Ph.D.
Chancellor of WSU Tri-Cities