for Student Inclusion


Mobilizing Opportunities for Student Advocacy, Inclusion, and Culture

Like the pieces that comprise its name, MOSAIC, is a home to student resources to enhance equity and inclusion, a place to discover more about various cultures and a central location for students to dialogue and learn about current social issues.

The MOSAIC Center is a success story of student advocacy and demonstrates the power of effective partnerships between students, faculty and staff who are all working toward a common goal of creating a more inclusive campus” - Kristine Cody, student affairs coordinator


Undocumented Student Resources

WSU Student Resources
Know Your Rights
K-12 and Higher Education Faculty and Staff Resources

Gloria Van Egdom

Get Involved!

Student clubs and organizations are a great way for students to get involved on campus and pursue an interest or passion outside of the classroom.

Dreamers Club
Patriots’ Club
Compass Christian Club

Find more clubs here


photo of Kauser Gwaduri
Kauser GwaduriMOSAIC Center Coordinator
photo of Nathaly Mendoza
Nathaly MendozaMOSAIC Center AmbassadorRemote
photo of Khyati Panchal
Khyati PanchalMOSAIC Center AmbassadorRemote