WSU Tri-Cities Budget

Transparent & Inclusive

The Financial Services Division provides budgetary support for the campus, and strives for transparency and inclusion by engaging budgetary participation with the campus community.  We strive to deliver excellent customer services, analytical support, education, and guidance on best practices for using the budget to promote strong financial management throughout the university.  As financial stewards we provide oversight of budget management, identifying and allocating financial resources in alignment with the university’s mission and goals, and providing timely and accurate financial information both internally and externally.

Transparency: Making information as accessible as possible

In December 2019, Chancellor Haynes issued an email addressing the 2020-2021 budget process and asked for your participation through submission of your budget requests.  She also identified her 2020-2021 first line funding priorities as:

  • Safety and compliance needs
  • Legislative and system mandates
  • Debt reduction
  • Requests that increase enrollment and retention
  • Requests that resolve infrastructure issues

View the PowerPoint presentations from our recent budget meetings.

September ’20 Budget Forum | PRESENTATION
February ’19 Budget Forum | PRESENTATION
November ’18 Budget Meeting | Part 1 | Part 2
April ’19 Faculty Budget Meeting | PRESENTATION
June ’19 Budget Informational Session | PRESENTATION
November ’19 Budget Information Session | PRESENTATION

2018/2019 Washington State University Quick Facts –  Issued by the WSU Office of Government Relations, the Quick Facts reports relevant campus and system-wide budgetary, enrollment and graduation facts.  This is worth a glance!

FY19 Tuition True Up – The Budget Office performs an annual tuition true-up for each campus.  For FY19, the Tri-Cities campus generated $12.2M of net tuition, prior to our institutional support contribution.

Washington State Budget Website – The Office of Financial Management performs an ongoing role in the planning, analysis, and implementation of Washington state’s operating and capital budgets.

Washington State Budget Universe – This document is intended to provide you with a better understanding of the 2017-2019 state operating budget.

Inclusion:  Opening the lines of communication to facilitate a voice in the campus decision-making process

We have listened to your comments and have responded with a new Budget Request process for the 2020-2021 budget year.

We will be providing an update on the FY21 budget request in early October.

photo of Ray White
Ray WhiteEast 239Vice Chancellor, Finance & Administration
photo of Robin Stanco
Robin StancoFloyd 263CDirector of Financial Services
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