Employee Handbooks & Policies

Employee Handbooks

Personnel policies applicable to all employee categories can be found in the Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM).These policies work in tandem with the employee handbooks and manuals. Personnel, Chapter 60 BPPM.

Employees whose positions are covered by a Collective Bargaining Agreement should refer to their contract.

Administrative Professional employees should refer to the Administrative Professional Employee Handbook for a summary of policies and procedures guiding personnel actions. AP Handbook

Civil Service employee should refer to the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) for rules guiding a wide range of personnel actions. The WAC serves as the handbook for employees in this category. Personnel Title 357, WAC

Faculty members should refer to the Faculty Manual for policies and procedures governing faculty rights, privileges, and responsibilities.

Bargaining unit covered employees should refer to their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) for rules, policies and procedures guiding personnel actions. The CBA serves as the handbook for employees in this category. Bargaining Unit Agreements

Employee Resources

Discrimination and Sexual Harassment
  • Summary of Ethics law and policy:
  • WSU internal body dedicated to assist the members of the WSU community:
  • State Auditor’s Office independently serves the citizens of WA by promoting accountability, fiscal integrity and openness in state and local government:
  • Revised Code of Washington (RCW) on Ethics in Public Service:
Workplace Concerns Resolution Process

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is offered as part of WSU’s employee benefit package. It is a free and confidential service to assist in identifying, managing, and resolving personal and work-related issues that may affect job performance or quality of life issues. Employees may contact the state EAP directly. For more information about specific services provided by state EAP: Telephone (toll free) 1-877-313-4455 or visit: http://www.EAP.wa.gov 

The Ombudsman is designated by the university to function as an impartial and neutral resource to assist all members of the university community, and to protect the interests, rights, and privileges of students, staff, and faculty at all levels of university operations.

Civil Service/Classified Staff, Administrative Professional, and Non-student hourly employees at WSU can go through the Workplace Concern Resolution Process to obtain a review and resolution of their workplace concerns which are not provided for by other complaint processes (Sexual Harassment, Discrimination, OSHA violations, and Workplace Violence)

Tuition Fee Waiver

Tuition Waivers-Fall and Spring, BPPM 60.70
Form: Tuition Fee Waiver Request

Summer Educational Benefits, BPPM 60.73
Form: Summer Education Benefit Request

Cell Phone Guidelines

Cell Phone Guidelines
BPPM 55.70: Cellular Telephone Allowance Payments

Employing Departments I-9 Requirement Reminders

BPPM 60.04: Employment Eligibility Verification (USCIS Form I-9)
To complete your I-9 verification, contact: payroll@tricity.wsu.edu



SmartHealth Wellness Incentive
Visit: http://hrs.wsu.edu/employees/wellcoug/smarthealth-wellness-incentive/

Bright Horizons
Washington State University faculty and staff receive access to Bright Horizons website through a membership paid by WSU. For additional information click here!

Tobacco Cessation Programs
Visit: http://hrs.wsu.edu/quit-tobacco/

Wellness Tip!
Visit: http://hrs.wsu.edu/wellness-tips/



Campus Safety & Parking

Visit : WSU Tri-Cities Campus Safety & Parking