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HRS Disability Services will be on campus September 212017 from 1:30pm-3:00pm to conduct a workshop session for managers and supervisors on “Understanding and Managing Leave” This workshop will take a look at addressing the most typical leave issues and answer such questions as:

  • What type of leave should be used?
  • How should leave be requested?
  • Which leave requests are handled at the department level, and which should be directed to HRS?
  • How can the work be accomplished when employees are on extended leave?
  • Do the same rules apply when medical leave is due to on –the-job injury versus an ongoing condition?

To register in advance, visit,

  1. click on “training website login”
  2. Select “instructor led training-session schedule”
  3. Search for “Understanding and Managing Leave”

New Employee Benefits Information:
We are pleased to share with you the new online benefits orientation information. The information is available 24/7 and will assist new employees who may not be able to attend the New Employee Orientation in person or have follow-up questions.

The online benefits information is located at: 

Executive Coaching
WSU has partnered with five external executive coaching firms who provide professional coaching services to senior leadership. Visit our website for additional information.

Supervisory Training
The WSU Training for Supervisors Series consists of a set of courses that thoroughly explores the issues of supervision and management.  It is comprised of online courses, live seminars, interactive practicums and round table discussions. This blended learning approach allows participants to practice the skills required to be successful by applying specific learning objectives to hypothetical case studies drawn from the workplace.

All current supervisors and managers are welcome to attend these courses.  Review the schedule below and use the associated links to register for each course of interest to you.  The live workshops are available statewide via AMS Videoconferencing Services.  For those whose schedules or locations do not allow participation in the series as scheduled, Online Training for Supervisors offers comparable courses to consider.