Washington State University Tri-Cities employs more than 500 individuals consisting of hourly, staff, and faculty employees. Personnel Coordination assists with new employee payroll documents, bi-monthly pay, and form processing.

New employees will need to visit a Personnel Coordinator to establish a WSU ID number, complete I9 Work Authorizations, and submit payroll paperwork.

Personnel Coordination Information
Temporary Employment
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General Information
FALL 2019 
TEMPS - DAR Deadlines
** DUE BY NOON on the days noted below **
September 1st half09/16/19
September 2nd half10/01/19
October 1st half10/16/19
October 2nd half10/30/19
November 1st half11/14/19
November 2nd half11/27/19
December 1st half12/13/19
December 2nd half12/31/19
SPRING 2020  
TEMPS - DAR Deadlines
** DUE BY NOON on the days noted below **
January 1st Half01/15/20
January 2nd Half01/30/20
February 1st Half02/14/20
February 2nd Half02/28/20
March 1st Half03/16/20
March 2nd Half04/01/20
April 1st Half04/15/20
April 2nd Half4/30/2020
May 1st half5/13/2020
Payroll Staff
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Molly LevyPersonnel CoordinatorEast 246509-372-7362
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