No Current Alerts

Weather conditions are being monitored continuously, along with campus and local travel conditions.  Any announcements regarding delays or closures will be communicated through multiple channels.  If no announcement is made, campus is operating normally.

Students and employees must determine for themselves, based on their location and local conditions, whether they will come to campus on any given day.  Anyone who does not feel safe traveling is advised to stay home.  Students should communicate with their instructors if they choose not to come to class.  Likewise, instructors must communicate with their students as early as possible if they choose to cancel class.  Employees may talk to their supervisors about working remotely, or may take leave.  Refer to HRS policies regarding inclement weather at

WSU Tri-Cities Important Announcements

Travel conditions will vary, particularly when coming from more distant areas, and locally slick areas may remain.  WSU encourages all to use your best judgement to decide if you can commute to class.  Please communicate with your supervisor or instructors if you feel it is unsafe for you to travel to class.  Instructors may also cancel class at their own discretion, and should communicate directly with students to notify them of cancellations to prevent unnecessary travel.

Please use caution while driving and walking – decrease speed and increase following and stopping distances on snow or ice, and use traction control devices when necessary.  Be prepared with appropriate clothing and footwear.

How do I sign up for Notifications?

  • Go to the myWSU portal and sign in using your network ID and password
  • Click on the “Emergency Information” box.
  • Click “Update now” to sign up or update your contact information.
  • Complete the Washington State University student emergency notification form
  • Once you have completed entering your contact information, please click ‘SUBMIT’. Your information has now been recorded and you are signed up to receive emergency notifications!

NOTE TO PARENTS: Our current system does not support parent or third party registration to receive notifications. However, we do allow each individual to list up to 9 different mechanisms for emergency notification. Have your student list your contact information as an alternate to theirs, and that will get you emergency notifications as part of your student’s contact file.

Weather Resources

Check the National Weather Service-Richland Web site for up-to-the-minute weather information.

WSU Tri-Cities Alert Hotline (recorded):  509-372-7200

WSU Tri-Cities Emergency Reporting Line: 509-372-7234