WSU Tri-Cities Weather

Only the most extreme weather situations result in the WSU Tri-Cities campus being closed or operations delayed. Our Facilities team works hard to ensure campus can remain open safely during winter weather. We do not send out notifications if WSU Tri-Cities is open as usual.

In the case of adverse winter weather delaying or closing campus, announcements are made through:

Civil service employees who miss work due to inclement weather must use accrued compensatory time prior to reporting annual leave hours.  After other paid leave is exhausted (personal and accrued annual leave), up to three days of sick leave per calendar year may be reported.  Supervisors are encouraged to work with employees who request to make up time missed as a result of campus closure or inclement weather. Make up time must receive prior supervisory approval and be made up during the week work was missed to avoid payment of overtime.

Employees are expected to make their own decisions regarding their personal health or safety in commuting to work. Outside of suspended operations or a campus closure, if an employee is unable to report to work due to inclement weather, employees are expected to notify their supervisor as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions about the WSU Inclement Weather policy

Additional information may be reviewed within BPPM 60.40 and 60.59.

Civil service employees are also governed under WAC 357-31-255, 260 and 265.