Dates & Deadlines

Undergraduate Admissions


TermDateSemester start date
Fall 2021Jan. 31Classes begin Aug. 23, 2021
Summer 2021Jan. 31Classes begin May/June, 2021
Spring 2021Nov. 15Classes begin Jan. 11, 2021


For answers, call the Admissions Office at 509-372-7250 or send us an email.

These undergraduate programs have additional applications required to certify into the major:

EducationMarch 1 (fall start only)
NursingDec. 20 (fall) or July 10 (spring)

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Application Date
University-wide scholarships application January 31 (this application allows students to be eligible for WSU campus wide and WSU Tri-Cities scholarships)
Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)New Students: Apply between October 1 and January 31
Washington Application for State Financial Aid (WASFA)New Students: Apply between October 1 and January 31


For answers, call Financial Aid at 509-372-7228 or send us an email.

Graduate Priority Admissions

Please note: Academic departments may have earlier or later deadlines, so we recommend you contact them if the information is not listed on the degree programs page.

TermDateSemester start date
Fall 2021January 10Classes begin Aug. 23, 2021
Spring 2021July 1 Classes begin Jan. 11, 2021