Electrical Engineering

Professional Internships

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Internship Advantage

Professional internships are exceptional opportunities that allow students to:

  • Apply their evolving Electrical Engineering knowledge in actual companies
  • Discover the occupations available to Electrical Engineering graduates
  • Receive a pay for their internship work
  • Determine whether they would like to work full-time for the internship company, after graduating
  • Increase the chances of receiving excellent job offers, by listing the internship on their resumes
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Academic Credit

Certified students majoring in Electrical Engineering at WSU Tri-Cities may earn academic credit towards their BS degree from professional internships, by registering for E_E 495 – Internship in Electrical Industry. This course is graded Satisfactory/Fail (S/F) and up to 3 credits of S/F courses may be applied towards one’s degree.

Students interested in earning academic credits for their internship experience must receive course enrollment approval from the Internship Coordinator, Dr. Mohamed Osman, before starting their internship experience.

Here is the contact information for Dr. Osman:

West Building, Room 134K

View Dr. Osman’s web page.

When corresponding with the Internship Coordinator about an internship, students should, please, always place “E_E 495 – Internship – Full name″ in the subject of their e-mail.

Students register for E_E 495 as they would for any other course. Internship credit at the end of a semester may only be awarded for work completed during that semester, including summer.

If students enroll in E_E 495 during the summer, they pay the corresponding per-credit summer tuition, www.summer.wsu.edu. Students will also be charged the usual fees, except that if the internship takes place outside the Tri-Cities, local fees such as those for recreation center and health and wellness will be refunded. (Advisors can provide information on the refund process.)

How to complete an internship successfully?

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