Computer Science

Internship Proposal

Students develop an Internship Proposal using the Internship Proposal template. The Internship Proposal serves two purposes:

  1. it provides general information about the internship
  2. it articulates learning goals for the internship

NOTE, the Internship Proposal must be completed, submitted, and approved before the internship work may start!

In the Internship Proposal, students:

  • describe their planned internship thoroughly
  • include contact information for themselves and their internship supervisor
  • provide location, dates, duration, and location of the internship

The internship goals should be expressed in the form of a plan that will provide students with work-site learning, to justify the credits that will be earned in CptS 490. The learning plan should describe the proposed professional development that should take place during the internship, with a focus on the acquisition of specific skills and abilities, such as learning a new programming language and/or a programming paradigm.

The completed Internship Proposal must be submitted by e-mail in PDF format to the Internship Coordinator.