Computer Science

Graduate Degree Program

Earn a Master of Science Degree in Computer Science

For the M.S. Computer Science Degree students have three program options: exam, project and thesis as described below:

Thesis Option

Under the thesis option, the student is expected to complete a significant research project and submit a thesis, which adheres to the EECS standards and the formatting requirements of the advisory committee and the Graduate School. The thesis work should be submitted for refereed publication prior to scheduling the final exam. It is the student’s responsibility to meet the deadlines specified by the Graduate School. All students on financial aid from WSU must choose the thesis option.

The program must consist of 33 or more hours of credit including 24 or more hours of course work for which a grade of A-F is given and 9 more credits of thesis research (CptS 700).

In order to ensure that each student obtains a reasonable graduate-level understanding of a number of fundamental areas, each MS CptS student must complete the following course requirements.


CptS 516 Algorithmics

At least one of:

CptS 550 Parallel Computation
CptS 555 Computer Communication Networks
CptS 560 Operating Systems
CptS 561 Computer Architecture
CptS 564 Distributed Systems

At least one of:

CptS 527 Computer Security
CptS 542 Computer Graphics
CptS 540 Artificial Intelligence
CptS 543 Human Computer Interaction
CptS 571 Computational Genomics

Non-Thesis (Project) Option

The project option consists of at least 27 graded credits and 6 credits of CptS 702. Of the 27 credits of course work, at least 15 must be in Computer Science and must satisfy the program requirements as stated for the Thesis Option. Specific course requirements are the same as for other CptS non-thesis programs. Students are required to complete a project and submit a report on the project that is satisfactory to the advisory committee. The peoject should represent work equivalent to two 3 credit hour graduate courses with quality equivalent to a grade of “B” or better.

Non-Thesis Examination

Students following the course option must take a one-hour written exam in each of the following three areas after the completion of the course work.

  • Theory
  • Systems
  • Application

The MS non-thesis exam will be offered every semester depending upon student request.