Computer Science

Doctoral Degree Program

Earn a Ph.D. in Computer Science at WSU Tri-Cities

Students must apply for admission to the Pullman campus. However, by selecting a WSU-Tri-Cities resident faculty member as adviser, a student may complete all the requirements of the program by staying at the Tri-Cities campus. Please contact Jamie Rogers, by calling 509.372.7039 or sending e-mails to to learn more about this Ph.D. program.
Course Work
The program of course work for the Ph.D. in Computer Science must include at least 4 of the following core courses:
  • CptS 516 Algorithmics
  • CptS 543 Human Computer Interaction
  • CptS 550 Parallel Computation
  • CptS 555 Computer Communication Networks
  • CptS 560 Operating Systems
  • CptS 561 Computer Architecture
  • CptS 564 Distributed Systems
  • CptS 527 Computer Security
  • CptS 542 Computer Graphics
  • CptS 540 Artificial Intelligence
  • CptS 571 Computational Genomics
All the required courses must be successfully completed within three semesters of admission to the program. Students may petition the Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) to include transfer credits, but only if equivalent courses are offered at the graduate level, are completed in a recognized graduate school as a graduate student, and are clearly consistent with the objectives of the student’s Ph.D. program at WSU.