Safety Committee

WSU Tri-Cities Campus Safety Committee

This committee represents the campus as a whole, including representatives from each department, Laboratory, and Center which does not have a Unit-Level Safety Committee, each Unit-Level Safety Committee, the ASWSU student body, and the Chancellor’s Chief of Staff or executive-level designee. CSC responsibilities will include:

  1. Review accident investigations to determine if the cause(s) of unsafe conditions have been identified and corrected.
  2. Evaluation of student and employee safety concerns and suggestions
  3. Review of concerns forwarded from Unit-Level Safety Committees
  4. Referral of significant concerns and make recommendations to the Chancellor’s Executive Committee on Campus Safety.
  5. Coordination of annual safety inspections for departments which do not have a Unit-Level Safety Committee
  6. Dissemination of safety & health inspection report information from Unit-Level Safety Committees as it relates to campus-wide safety.
  7. Interface with campus Environmental Health and Safety to ensure implementation of health and safety regulations
  8. Promote and publicize safe behavior on campus

The Safety Committee will meet six times a year to discuss safety concerns and prevention plans. The committee also coordinates annual department safety inspections, and may review accident investigation reports to determine whether corrective actions are needed.All campus employees must be represented on the Campus Safety Committee. Representatives from each department shall be elected annually. One representative from ASWSU, the Chancellor’s Chief of Staff, and the Director of Facilities shall be Ex-Officio non-voting members of the Campus Safety Committee. Once elected, representatives will be identified below. Campus Safety Committee meetings will be held at least six (6) times per year (bimonthly), and last no more than one (1) hour unless extended by a majority vote. Minutes must be recorded and will be made available to all employees via physical posting and publication on this website.

Campus Safety Committee Meeting Minutes

November 2017

September 2017

July 2017

May 2017

March 2017

January 2017 – Meeting cancelled by agreement of committee due to adverse weather conditions & campus closure.

November 2016

Campus Safety Committee Members

Safety Committee Representatives, as of November 2016:

Sara Barron, Chair Nursing
Aftab Ahamed BSEL
Allan Felsot FEQL
Ana Sandoval ASWSUTC
Andy Percifield Facilities Maintenance
Cheryl Farabee Library
Chris Tucker Early Outreach
Darlene Scrivner Student Services
Helen Berry Academics (Liberal Arts)
Maria L. Rodriguez Running Start
Meg Mercer Academics (Sciences)
Nancy Carr Business Office
Scott Tomren EHS (ex officio)
Marshall Fryberger IT/IAT
Steve Jordan Engineering
Teresa Tritt Administration
Tom Collins V&E
Whitney LaMarche EHS

Chancellor’s Executive Committee on Campus Safety

This committee will advise the Chancellor regarding issues and concerns which have an impact on campus policy, require capital expenditures, or require other executive-level action. This committee will hold scheduled meetings each semester, or as needed to address significant/urgent safety issues.

This committee will be comprised of the following:

  1. Two members of the Chancellor’s Executive Council (appointed by the Chancellor)
  2. One member each from faculty, staff, graduate students, and undergraduate students (appointed by the Chancellor)
  3. Chair of the Campus Safety Committee
  4. Director of Facilities
  5. Director of Environmental Health & SafetyThe Director of EH&S shall keep minutes for these meetings, to be published electronically for all employees. Policy directives, significant decisions, and minor/major capital projects resulting from these meetings will be announced via e-mail to all employees, or all campus, as appropriate
Chancellors' Executive Committee on Campus Safety Meeting Minutes
Chancellor's Executive Committee on Campus Safety Members

Committee Members as of November 2016:

Cameron Hohimer Grad Student
Harvey Gover Faculty
Karina Barajas Staff
Kate McAteer Faculty
Laura Bulgarelli VC Finance & Administration
Randy Slovarp Facilities Director
Sara Barron Campus Safety Committee Chair
Sarah Tragesser Faculty
Scott Tomren EHS Director
Vince Hebert Faculty
Xiao Zhang Faculty