Financial Well-being of the Organization

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October 17th - November 18th 2022

Online with four scheduled live class sessions and interactive discussion threads


This course is designed to provide foundational knowledge on the importance of finance within an organization, including how business decisions impact organizational goals.

Individuals looking to develop and apply foundational core business skills with a holistic understanding of the organization should take this training – especially for mid-level employees/managers across industries and decision-making professionals.

Module 1 | The Financial Statements and How to Use Them

Informed financial decisions require a sound understanding of the information presented in an organization’s financial statements. This module introduces you to key financial statements and how to use them in decision-making. Finally, you will learn about the concept of financial leverage and its implications for an organization’s success.

Module 2 | Identifying Valuable Investment Projects

Fundamentally, a company creates value by investing in real projects that earn returns greater than the cost to finance these projects. This module dives deeper into this basic principle. Participants will learn how to measure an organization’s financing costs, which provide a benchmark for project returns. Quantifying the potential value created by an investment project and forecasting cash flows of a potential project are also discussed.

Module 3 | Working Capital Management

While much attention is typically paid to long-term financing and investment decisions, the success of an organization often hinges on decisions around managing working capital, or the management of short-term assets and liabilities. This module discusses the cash conversion cycle, including inventory management, the use and collection of credit dales, and the importance of relationship with suppliers.

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