Tuition Waivers

Awards for Washington Residents

Academic Achievement Awards

Eligible students are automatically awarded a renewable merit-based award when they apply for admission. Students must be a Washington state resident and entering the WSU Tri-Cities campus as a freshman or transfer student.

Awards for Non-Washington Residents

Out-of-State Award (WUE)

There is an achievement award designed specifically to help out-of-state students with tuition. This award serves as the university’s Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) award.

I-82 Advantage

Residents of Umatilla County, Oregon who are enrolled more than nine credits may qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Border Bill for Oregon Residents

The state of Washington’s “Border Bill” legislation was first enacted to allow Oregon residents who live in specified counties to attend WSU Tri-Cities part-time (8 credits or less per semester) and pay resident tuition rates for courses taken through the Tri-Cities campus.

This is not a tuition waiver, but does provide a reduced tuition rate for non-resident students.

Other Waivers

An eligible individual who enrolls in WSU academic courses during fall or spring semesters may request a waiver of tuition. (RCW 28B.15.558) (See below for exceptions.) This program is based on availability of space and facilities. A limited number of additional students are accepted if the class can be taught without incurring additional costs. Regular tuition-paying students are seated first.

Eligible Individuals: The following WSU employees are eligible for the tuition waiver on a space-available basis:

  • Civil service employees holding half time or greater appointments and having permanent status by the tenth day of class for fall and spring semesters.
  • Civil service employees on trial service appointments meeting the above criteria.
  • Faculty and administrative professional employees holding half time or greater appointments.
  • Employees covered by collective bargaining unit agreements are eligible on the same basis as civil service employees unless otherwise defined by the terms of the applicable bargaining unit contracts.

Others: The following individuals are eligible for the tuition waiver on a space available basis.

  • ROTC faculty and staff employed at WSU locations who meet the WSU employee eligibility requirements above.
  • Employees of other state of Washington agencies or higher education institutions meeting the WSU employee eligibility requirements above.
  • Teachers at public common and vocational schools holding or seeking valid endorsements and assignments in state-identified shortage areas (RCW 28B.15.558). Please contact the Campus Registrar’s Office office for more information: