Tuition Waivers

Awards for Washington Residents

Academic Achievement Awards

Eligible students are automatically awarded a renewable merit-based award when they apply for admission. Students must be a Washington state resident and entering the WSU Tri-Cities campus as a first-year or transfer student.

Awards for Non-Washington Residents

Out-of-State Award (WUE)

There is an achievement award designed specifically to help out-of-state students with tuition. This award serves as the university’s Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) award.

I-82 Advantage

Residents of Umatilla County, Oregon who are enrolled more than nine credits may qualify for in-state tuition rates.

Border Bill for Oregon Residents

The state of Washington’s “Border Bill” legislation was first enacted to allow Oregon residents who live in specified counties to attend WSU Tri-Cities part-time (8 credits or less per semester) and pay resident tuition rates for courses taken through the Tri-Cities campus.

This is not a tuition waiver, but does provide a reduced tuition rate for non-resident students.

State Employee Waivers

State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver

State Employee Tuition Fee Waiver RequestSubmit this online form to request enrollment with the state employee waiver. Note: We can enroll students using this benefit starting first day of instruction. Because students cannot access Blackboard or Canvas until they are enrolled, we encourage them to contact faculty directly for course material or Zoom links. Form is available 12/21/20 – 2/1/21. Email us if you need to access to this form after February 1.

Summer Educational Benefit Request

Summer Educational Benefit RequestSubmit this online form to request enrollment with the state employee waiver. For more detailed information on allowed courses and employee eligibility, visit  the Registrar’s Employee Tuition Waiver page as well as the Summer Educational Benefits page of the Business Policies and Procedures Manual.

Enrollment Change – Faculty/Staff (PDF)

Senior Citizen Tuition Waiver Request (PDF)