Office Move Protocol

Protocol for Office Moves

This protocol has been developed to ensure the safe, efficient, and effective relocation of WSU Tri-Cities staff and/or faculty in the event that they are moved to a different space for their daily work activities.  WSU Tri-Cities Facilities Operations, Building Maintenance staff members (referred to as Fac Ops) will assist in making moves.  This includes efficient use of the time involved in all daily building operations, to ensure that our Fac Ops team’s time — and that of faculty/staff — is put to use in the most beneficial ways to the entire WSU system.

Faculty/staff responsibilities

  • Fill out a Maintenance Request form online to officially request moving services. Office move requests are made under the “Other” tileset. Make a note of any special needs or potentially complicated logistics.
  • All shelved items (especially books, magazines, and other documents) shall be boxed by the current occupant into the boxes or containers provided by Fac Ops.
  • Sometimes shelved items may be transported by the occupant on mobile carts directly to the new location, and placed by the occupant on shelving in the new location without the need for packing.
  • File cabinets usually can be moved while they remain full. If not, or if the occupant is changing physical file cabinets, consult Fac Ops for the safest, easiest, and most effective methods of transportation. This usually eliminates the need to pack, move, and unpack entire filing cabinets — resulting in a safer, more efficient move.
  • For additional safety and security, faculty/staff may want to move personal items (e.g., pictures, paintings, plants, etc.) themselves. If not, these items must be packed in the most efficient manner, then moved by Fac Ops.

Fac Ops responsibilities

  • All furniture relocations will be done by Fac Ops.
  • Any “heavy” objects (generally items exceeding 30 pounds, case-by-case exceptions may be made) as well as “difficult to move items” will be moved by Fac Ops.
  • Packed boxes will be moved by Fac Ops to the new location, where the occupant will unpack the contents. The occupant will notify Fac Ops upon completion of unpacking for removal of empty boxes/containers.
  • Mounted wall hangings will be removed and placed by Fac Ops.
  • Any additional items to be hung on the walls at new location will be done by Fac Ops personnel.
  • Fac Ops and WSU Tri-Cities Information Technology staff will work cooperatively to ensure safe and efficient relocation of phone, fax, and computer systems.

Thank you for assisting the Facilities Operations team by streamlining office moves and ensuring that our limited resources are used to the greatest benefit of WSU.