Threat of Violence

A “Threat of Violence” may take many forms, but generally can include any situation involving threatening behaviors, statements, or actions toward one or more individuals, and in which an individual has an imminent fear for their safety.

This may include personal threats or assaults (including those by a domestic partner), threatening individuals, crimes in progress, or civil disturbances such as riots and disruptive demonstrations. “Threat of violence” situations can rapidly escalate into acts of violence.

If you observe a threat of violence, are directly threatened, or have reason to believe that someone may come to campus with violent intentions:

  • Call 911 immediately, then notify the campus emergency line at 372-7234
  • Avoid the area where the threat exists, and avoid provoking the threatening individual(s)
  • If possible, continue with normal routines.
  • If necessary, secure yourself in a safe area, following the procedures for Lockdown
  • If the disturbance is outside, stay away from doors and windows. Stay indoors!
  • Be prepared to evacuate, lockdown, or relocate if instructed by emergency responders.

If you observe an act of violence, such as an assault:

  • Remain calm, and from a safe location, call 911
  • If it is safe to do so, assist the victim as needed and stay with them until emergency assistance arrives.