Medical Problem

Medical problems may include injuries, illnesses, or a wide range of health conditions. These are the most common emergency issues encountered in any workplace, and must be dealt with quickly and calmly in order to ensure a positive outcome.


If you encounter someone who has been injured or is experiencing a medical problem:

Assess the Situation:

  • Does the condition appear to be life-threatening, or does it have the potential to become life threatening?
  • Does the condition require emergency treatment?
  • Is the victim unconscious, or having a seizure?

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions, call 911. Stay on the line with the 911 operator, answering their questions as much as possible.

While waiting for responders to arrive

  • Individuals who are trained to provide First Aid and/or CPR can provide assistance within their training, as necessary. Those who are not trained should remain calm, and can assist with keeping the victim calm. Do not crowd the victim, make sure responders can reach them without delay.
  • Someone should stand outside the building to flag down emergency responders and guide them to the victim.


For Injuries/illnesses that are not serious:

If the initial assessment indicates that emergency treatment is not required:

  • Assist the injured person and provide first aid as needed, based on the level of your training
  • Contact campus responders at 372-7234
  • Contact the injured person’s supervisor (if an employee)
  • If the injured person requires transportation, help them contact a friend or family member. WSU employees and students shall not solicit or direct any other employee or student to transport an injured person.


For all injuries, complete a copy of the incident report form within 24 hours.