Bomb Threat / Suspicious Package

A bomb threat is generally defined as a verbal or written threat to detonate an explosive device to cause property damage, injuries, or loss of life whether or not such a device actually exists. Take every threat seriously and follow proper procedures.


  • Register to receive campus emergency notifications through myWSU, and keep your contact information current.
  • Personally ensure you have a Bomb Threat Question Card at your work station.
  • Personally become familiar with the Bomb Threat Question Card.



If you receive a telephone bomb threat:

  • Get the attention of other staff members to help you.
  • Alert the co-worker to call 911 and the campus emergency line at 509-372-7234 while you are on the phone with the caller.
  • Retrieve the FEMA Bomb Threat checklist and follow the instructions on the card.
  • Complete the bomb threat checklist as quickly as possible, and retain it for security to review.
  • Listen carefully to the caller.
  • Be polite and show interest.
  • Keep the caller talking, so you can gather more information.

The 911 dispatch operator will ask:

  • What is the specific threat?
  • Was any information about timing, target and/or location of the explosive device given?
  • Is anyone searching the area for a possible device?
  • Are there any possible suspects?
  • Has anyone claimed responsibility?
  • Has there been any other suspicious activity?
  • Will the building or area be evacuated?
  • If not, will any other precautions or steps be taken?
  • For telephone threats, were any background noises heard?


  • Immediately check your work space and the areas with which you are the most familiar.  Before leaving your office
  • If any suspicious object (gym bag/backpack) or package is found, DO NOT TOUCH IT and keep others away.
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • If evacuation is ordered, follow the evacuation procedures.
  • Upon leaving your office tape an OK sign on your office door indicating you have checked your area and found nothing suspicious.



  • Continue to take direction from University officials or police.
  • Remain calm. Do not discuss the threat with other staff members. Do not spread rumors.


Special Issues:
  • Avoid using the phone that received the bomb threat.
  • Law enforcement may have a chance to trace the call.

If you receive a written threat or suspicious parcel, or if you find a suspicious object anywhere on the premises:

  • Do not touch the item and keep others away. Call 9-1-1 immediately, then call the campus emergency line at 372-7234.
  • If evacuation is ordered, proceed to the appropriate assembly area.
  • Promptly write down everything you can remember about receiving the letter or parcel, or finding the object. Law enforcement investigators will need this information.
  • Remain calm. Do not discuss the threat with other staff members. Do not spread rumors.