Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

A gender inclusive bathroom is one that anyone of any gender can use. They benefit all people, including people who are gender diverse, transgender, parents/caregivers and people with caregivers or personal attendants. WSU Tri-Cities’ gender inclusive bathrooms are available when the campus buildings are open.

Where to find them:

Floyd 213

  • Second floor
  • Double occupancy
  • No changing table
  • ADA accessible, elevator to second floor
  • Signage includes: “gender neutral”
  • No menstrual hygiene products
  • No shower

Student Union Building 108

  • Single occupancy
  • Changing table available
  • ADA accessible
  • Signage includes: “family”
  • Menstrual hygiene products available
  • No shower

CIC Learning Commons

  • Second floor
  • No shower