Admissions at Washington State University Tri-Cities It's a great time to be a Coug!

Applications for Admission


We are accepting online applications for Summer and Fall 2015!

We are no longer accepting applications for Spring 2015.

Please read before applying:

Because application fees are nonrefundable, contact us before you apply if you would like to discuss your application or are unsure as to which application form to use.

Please apply online by clicking on your appropriate student status. If you need to print an application to mail, click on PDF option.

Undergraduate Applications

Online (2015)
PDF (2015–16)
If you anticipate graduating or have graduated from high school and have not been enrolled in college after the summer following your high school graduation. Running Start students or students who have completed college coursework while in high school are considered freshmen for admission purposes. ($50 application fee)
Online (2015)
PDF (2015–16)
If you are not currently in high school and attended an accredited college or university after your high school graduation (not including the summer immediately following your graduation). If all your college work was completed while in high school, please use the Freshman application. ($50 application fee)
Online (2015)
If your country of citizenship is other than the United States of America and you are not a resident alien (a permanent resident/immigrant). Application information here.
Former Student
Online (2015)
PDF (2015–16)
If you previously enrolled at any Washington State University campus you are considered a former student. If you were absent for more than one semester, you need to reapply for admission. If you were not in good academic standing your last semester at WSU, you may need to be reinstated (Reinstatement information). ($25 application fee)
Online (2015)
PDF (2015–16)
If you do not intend to complete a degree at WSU and are taking coursework for one or more of the following reasons: Personal enrichment, completion of coursework for transfer to another institution, or teaching endorsement. ($25 application fee)
Change of Campus Form (PDF)Request a change of admission and/or enrollment status from one WSU campus to another.

Graduate Applications

Graduate School
Graduate School (Undecided)
Graduate School (International)
Request for re-enrollment