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The Max E. Benitz Memorial Library is one library in the Washington State University Library system. Washington State University Libraries have more than two million books and over 30,000 journal and magazine subscriptions, of which, the WSU Tri-Cities Library is part of that system. Media, maps, microforms, government publications, ebooks, ejournals, manuscripts, archives and special collections additionally support WSU’s teaching and research programs. Approximately 35,000 volumes are added to the collection annually. WSU Libraries are a member of a consortium of 37 other libraries in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho, with access to an additional 28 million items. The WSU Library also offer access to the full text of over 25,800 digital resources, including current journals, books, documents and more.

Services & Resources available through the Tri-Cities Library:

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Phone: 509-372-7430

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Use Search IT to find Books, Media and Journals using the Libraries Online Catalog.

Use Databases to find Scholarly Journal Articles.

Knowledge Center

The Max E. Benitz Memorial Library houses the Writing Center and Learning Center, which are spaces dedicated to supporting student learners at all levels and from across the disciplines. Current students can meet with writing consultants and peer tutors for free outside the classroom in both group and one-on-one settings.

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