Undergraduate Research Course

TRIO Research Course

The Research Course UNIV 199 was designed just for TRIO Students, regardless of prior research experience. This is a unique and great opportunity for TRIO Students to obtain or strengthen the necessary skills to build their resume. This will make students stand out in applications for summer and semester internships related to biology, chemistry, engineering, social sciences, education and computer science.

Additionally, in this course you will learn how to build competitive professional documents for internships, graduate school, and careers such as:

  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Personal statements

Don’t miss this opportunity! Space is limited, reach out to your TRIO Team to ensure your seat in the course.

*Course for TRIO students only.

Course overview: 

Students will work on a small research project during the semester (ie. Environmental Science, Biology, Nanotechnology, Forensic Science, Software Development for real life applications). You will be able to understand:

  • The research process including how to submit articles
  • Connect with WSU TC Faculty on current research
  • Learning lab techniques
  • Develop skills in the interpretation of results
  • Ability to analyze data
  • Ability to integrate theory and practice
  • Find scholarly literature, 
  • Read articles from different journals (understanding the parts)
  • Present a poster based on research proposal at the TRIO research symposium at the End of Year Celebration. 

Jasmine Che

Biological Sciences Major
TRIO Alumni


“Thanks to UNIV 199 I was able to network with many research staff on campus. Through that networking I gained the support of Dr. Yang and won the Chancellor’s Summer Scholar award to preform my own research project in his lab last summer! Because of that, he is now giving me the opportunity to conduct my own independent research this summer as well! WSU-TC is full of opportunities and thanks to TRIO I was able to land one!”

Danell Bruce

Biological Sciences Major


“TRIO has been amazing. They have helped me with learning how to fill out internships and how to do scholarships as well and the deadlines need to have those completed by. As well as there’s research opportunities here on campus especially for biological sciences in the biology department which is something that I can participate in next Fall so I’m excited about that.”

Maria Vargas

Elementary Education Major


“After my undergrad I would like to go to graduate school and that would give me an opportunity to find what I would want to do my research on. Through this research course, I will have the opportunity to look at different fields of studies where I will have a better idea of what I want to do when I go to graduate school. After taking this course I know I will have a better idea of what I’ve would want to do my research on when I apply to graduate school. It will make the process so much easier.”