Mentoring Programs


TRIO Student Success Programs have incorporated mentoring to expand students’ professional network and increase knowledge of a targeted career field.

The TRIO team has made connections with the following businesses to provide mentoring opportunity to students:

  • Student will take responsibility for career and leadership development
  • Student will gain understanding of organizational values, relationships, and expectations
  • TRIO will focus on ensuring mentors are recruited from diverse backgrounds
  • Expand professional network
  • Learn inside tips and tricks to a targeted career
  • Receive professional assistance on resume and job applications
  • Gain new perspectives into careers and network
  • Learn real time opportunities such as internships, conferences, and job openings
  • Student will be selected or submit a request to be matched with a professional mentor
  • Both mentor and mentee will attend a Mentor Launch event to understand details of program, discuss norms and goals, and meet one-one
  • Mentor and mentee will establish frequency of meetings, but must commit to a full academic year

At the beginning of the academic semester, students and mentees will attend a launch event.  This event will provide the following opportunities:

  • Meet potential mentors
  • Learn about the program
  • Make connections with other students and professionals
Interested in Getting Connected?