Future Leaders Collaborative Mentoring Program

Grow and Develop

The program is designed to foster formal, facilitated mentoring connections to help students in areas related to academic, social and develop and advance in their careers. In effort to offer TRIO students a unique experience, the TRIO office will work with a TRIO peer or a community professional to:

Build and sustain relationships that provide mentoring opportunities with high integrity TRIO students and employers for the mutual benefit of gaining valuable experience and strengthening skills.

Mentors will be local community professionals or a TRIO peer with passion to help and offer valuable advice and wisdom at critical points in a person’s academic and career development.  In its simplest form, mentoring is people helping people helping people grow and develop.

Mentors and mentees will agree on the goals of the partnership and the frequency of the mentoring meetings.


Student will take responsibility for
career and leadership development.

Student will gain understanding of
organizational values, relationships,
and expectations.

TRIO will focus on making sure
to recruit mentors from diverse
backgrounds to accommodate
student demographics.

Program Benefits

Further develops leadership skills
including providing feedback,
communication and interpersonal

Satisfaction in enhancing skills in
helping someone else to grow

Gain fresh perspectives through

How the Program Works

Both mentors and mentees fill
out TRIO Mentor application on
website or in person

Formal mentoring training will
give you the tools to engage in a
successful mentoring relationship

Begin the mentoring sessions!

Matching Process

The Mentoring Program Coordinator
will make every effort to match mentees
with mentors who can best support their
developmental needs.

The Mentoring Program Coordinator
will match according to specific major,
gender, or if mentor is recommended by
the student. In some cases, some Mentors
may have more than one mentee.

Selected participants will learn how to
request a mentor. Along with learning
the responsibilities of becoming a
successful mentee.

Mentors will complete the application
process and go through the screening

Overall Responsibilities

Commitment to mentee
Communication and Engagement
Relationship Building
Constructive Feedback and Support

Commitment to Mentor
Taking Initiative
Applying What You Learn

Selected participants will commit
to a one-semester formal mentoring
partnership with a minimum of
two hours per month devoted to
mentoring meetings and activities.

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