Services and Activities Fees Committee

The Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee’s functions are to (1) recommend allocation distributions for the student services and activities fees of the its designated campus, (2) review and approve the S&A fee percentage annually, and (3) determine allocated fee expenditures are in agreement with state law and University policy.

Services and Activities fees are one component of the total tuition and fees that students pay. S&A fees can only be used to support non-academic activities, events, facilities/equipment, and programming.

The S&A Facilities Committee has been absorbed by the S&A Fee committee and, therefore, facility requests should be indicated under the one-time allocation on the request form for the S&A Fee Committee.


TuesdayFebruary 219:00 am-10:00 amEast 212
WednesdayFebruary 229:00 am-10:00 amEast 212
ThursdayFebruary 232:00 pm-3:00 pmWest 136D
NEW!WednesdayMarch 19:00 am-10:00 amWest 136D
NEW!ThursdayMarch 29:00 am-10:00 amWest 136D


MondayMarch 62:00 pm-3:00 pmWest 247
WednesdayMarch 82:00 pm-3:00 pmEast 212
ThursdayMarch 92:00 pm-3:00 pmEast 212
MondayMarch 202:00 pm-3:00 pmEast 212
WednesdayMarch 222:00 pm-3:00 pmWest 247
FridayMarch 242:00 pm-3:00 pmEast 212
*Presentations will be scheduled in 20 minute time blacks


The Chancellor shall appoint the Tri-Cities Campus Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee as follows:

  • The current President of ASWSU Tri-Cities (standing position).
  • The current Finance Chair of ASWSU Tri-Cities (standing position).
  • The Vice Chancellor of Finance and Administration, or designee (standing position).
  • The Vice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Services, or designee (standing position).
  • A member of the teaching faculty appointed by the Chancellor from nominations made by the Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs (two-year position).
  • Four Washington State University Tri-Cities students nominated by ASWSU Tri-Cities President and appointed by the Chancellor (one-year positions).*

*At least one of the six student positions is to be filled by a graduate student currently enrolled in the academic year.

A vacancy in any Committee position shall be filled prior to any formal Committee meeting.

The Committee elects the Chair from the student members.

Each member shall have one vote.

A quorum shall consist of seven members, a majority of whom shall be students.


2016- 2017 Services and Activities (S&A) Fees Committee Members are as follows:

Israa AlshaikhliChair, ASWSUTC President
Zachary HarperASWSUTC Finance Director
Katherine BanksFaculty Representative
Laura Kanaly-BulgarelliVice Chancellor of Finance and Administration
Dr. Chris MeiersVice Chancellor of Enrollment Management and Student Services
Amber MurphyUndergraduate Representative
Alicia PradoUndergraduate Representative
Brent EllisGraduate Representative
Nick FrenchUndergraduate Representative
Austin WingleClerk


WSU General Guidelines for Services and Activities Fee Allocations


Each year, the Services and Activities Fee Committee proposes and the Board of Regents approves program priorities and corresponding budget levels for University organizations funded by Services and Activities Fees (S&A Fees). The University collects these fees from students at registration and allocates the funds to budgets either as direct allocations from the Board of Regents or indirectly through other organizations. (See RCW 28B.15.041, 28B.15.044, and 28B.15.045.)

In either case, University personnel are responsible for spending the money in an acceptable and appropriate manner, following state of Washington and Washington State University guidelines.

S&A Spending Guide


Meeting Minutes and Agendas can be found here.


To submit a proposal to the S&A Fee Committee an organization/department will need to complete and submit the ‘Cover Letter of Proposal’ and ‘General Allocation Request Form’. For assistance in completing these forms please refer to IMPORTANT DATES above. Once forms have been submitted by clicking the link below then the organization/department is required to schedule a presentation lasting no more than 15 minutes and allowing 5 minutes for questions. The presentation must have at least one student presenter who is not paid by the department or organization requesting services and Activities Fees.

Eligibility & Proposal Forms:

Cover Letter of Proposal

General Allocation Request Form

Submit your Cover Letter and Proposal Forms 


Who may request funds?

Any WSU Tri-Cities affiliated or related group, organization or individual may request funds.

What are funds used for?

Services and Activities Fees are used to support non-academic student activities, programs, and projects on the WSU Tri-Cities campus (e.g. student government, student entertainment, student organizations, performances, speakers, non-academic services, facilities and equipment for students).

What is the source of the funding?

A portion of WSU Tri-Cities student tuition is earmarked as “Services & Activities Fees.”