Early Educational Outreach

Recognize Capabilities, Realize Potential, Establish Educational Goals

K-12 students visit campus to participate in challenging academic enrichment activities, interactive campus visits, and age-appropriate college knowledge learning experiences. The program – which is run in partnership with various organizations – is dedicated to helping students recognize their capabilities, realize their full potential, and establish their educational goals.

Washington State cannot meet the demand for STEM jobs with local talent due to lack of qualified candidates. Not a single student with a STEM interest, regardless of economic conditions or geographical locations, should be overlooked. WSU Tri-Cities is committed to guiding our towards STEM majors and fostering their success in both college and industry.

WSU Tri-Cities is partnering with local organizations so students can participate in innovative STEM projects with students across Washington. They will receive guidance and inspiration from STEM coaches who are college students in STEM majors while they develop real-world problem solving still for a STEM career.

This unique learning experience will be available to 50 high school students in rural areas of Washington.

In 2015-16 academic year, the High School Programs served as a PEAK! program partner for McClintock Elementary and Franklin Elementary. We participated in various events and provided fun activities that promoted WSU Tri-Cities and higher education.

In 2016-17, the partnership has expanded to four schools: Ochoa Middle School, Emerson Elementary, Longfellow Elementary, and Marie Curie Elementary.

The High School Programs provides customized campus visits (STEM demo, college awareness, campus tour, etc.) upon request.

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