College in the High School

Fast-Tracked and Cost-Effective College Education in Your High School

College in the High School (CiHS) programs provide college-level academic courses for academically prepared sophomores, juniors, and seniors within the familiarity of their high school classroom.

An alternative to Running Start and Advanced Placement (AP) programs, CiHS offers the opportunity to earn college credit without having to travel to a college campus, or relying on an end-of-year AP exam.

Qualified high school teachers instruct the courses, and participating students earn college credit at a significantly discounted rate of $65 per credit. Because students concurrently complete high school graduation requirements while earning college credit, they save money on future college costs and gain academic skills and confidence.

  • Must be a sophomore, junior, or senior in high school
  • Meet course placement requirements, either through the WSU Writing Placement Exam, Math Placement Exam, or AP scores
  • Meet course prerequisites (for example, before you can take Calculus II, you must have passed Calculus I)
  • Additional eligibility may be determined by the high school teacher, based on a student’s previous performance and GPA

First, check with your high school counselor for CiHS course availability in your high school.

If WSU Tri-Cities CiHS is available in your high school:

  • Go to the MyHSP website
  • Select “High School Student” from the options available
  • Click on “Apply for Classes”
  • Fill out the application, and submit
  • Fill out and submit Parent Permission form(s)
  • Students must submit one form per CiHS course
  • High school students experience college-level curriculum in their high school classroom.
  • Students earn college credit while working toward high school graduation requirements.
  • In contrast to Advanced Placement (AP) courses, students will be assured to earn college credit upon successful completion of course, instead of relying on test scores.
  • Students learn the time-management skills, study skills and discipline they will need in college.
  • Students can graduate from college on time or early, which will save them money.
  • Students participating in WSU CiHS get a feel for the rigors of college coursework and get a sense of the culture of a college classroom.
  • High school students taking college courses experience the standards of learning required of college-level students. And succeeding in CiHS courses can show students that they have the intelligence and study habits to do well in college.
  • Students can remain 100% active in their high schools (participate in sports or other extracurricular activities) while earning college credits.
  • CiHS courses cost hundreds of dollars less than standard college tuition.

Are you a high school teacher who is interested in teaching College in the High School courses at your local high school and becoming WSU adjunct faculty member? Review the steps below:

Step 1.

If your school does NOT HAVE any College in the High School programs (regardless of institutions), please fill out the Interest Form Our staff will contact your school administration to start the process and inform you the next steps.

If your school HAS any College in the High School programs (regardless of institutions), please proceed to Step 2.

Step 2.

Apply online through MyHSP and submit the following required documents:

  • A cover letter: A separate cover letter is required for each subject you would like to teach
  • A current resume
  • 3 current letters of recommendation (one should be from the applicant’s direct supervisor)
  • Unofficial college transcript
  • A syllabus for intended college level courses (sample syllabi are available on MyHSP)

Step 3.

Check your application status through MyHSP. Contact us with any questions at any time.

Frequently Asked Questions
How will my credits transfer to different colleges/universities?

Credits earned through WSU College in the High School will be recorded on an official Washington State University transcript, which is the same as credits earned through traditional enrollment on campus. Therefore, transferability of your WSU credits will be accepted in any college or university that accepts WSU credits.

Depending on the college/university’s transfer policies, your WSU credits may transfer as fully equivalent, or as electives to other colleges/universities. It is advised that students contact the colleges/universities regarding their transfer policies, especially if you plan to attend a private or out-of-state college/university.

Will/can I earn an Associates of Arts (AA) degree through WSU Tri-Cities CiHS courses?

No. WSU is a four-year university, and does not award AA degrees.

What kind of rigor and grading can I expect from a CiHS course?

CiHS courses are taught at a faster pace than a traditional high school class. The rigor is that of a college course, so you can expect homework assignments and time management requirements to be more intense. Grading of these courses will be based on your performance, including, but not limited to: homework assignments, quizzes, exams, class participation, and attendance.

The grade you receive is based on the standard WSU grading scale as following:

How do I know if I have to purchase a textbook for the CiHS course?

Depending on the course and/or subject, you may have to purchase a textbook, or multiple textbooks. Your CiHS teacher will let you know if you will need to purchase textbooks or not.

Is College in the High School free?

The cost of WSU CiHS courses is $55 per credit. Some CiHS contracts may establish a $65 per CiHS course credit policy. Some high schools do have subsidy funding to allow sophomores, juniors, and seniors to take CiHS courses at no cost. Contact your high school to see if they have subsidy money available to help offset the cost and the cost per credit.

Since these are college courses, is attendance mandatory?

Although you will be considered a WSU student, you’re still a high school student, and must follow the compulsory school attendance laws, and go to school. Additionally, you must keep in mind that attendance may be part of your CiHS course grade. Lack of attendance may result in failure of the class.

If I’m considered a WSU student, why do I have to contact WSU Tri-Cities for assistance with CiHS?

Although the WSU CiHS program represents the institution as a whole, the program is housed at the WSU Tri-Cities campus, with its offices and staff who can assist during your participation in the program.

How do I decide if College in the High School is right for me?

We recommend that you have a conversation with your high school counselor and/or teachers to identify if CiHS is right for you, and if you are prepared for the opportunity and challenge. We also recommend that you contact the WSU Tri-Cities High School Programs Office for questions you may have about the program.

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