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Our Professional Development & Community Education (PDCE) team is committed to ensuring that our clients receive the highest level of dynamic and sustaining instruction and training available anywhere. Our group interaction and dynamic discussions, coupled with cutting edge curriculum, produces real results that transfers to creating value for individuals and organizations alike.

Let’s see what our students have to say:

The energy and passion displayed by Semi was my favorite part of the training. Also, the solicitation of input and interaction was very effective!
I enjoyed learning about my co-workers and my own areas of opportunity.
The best part of the training was the open, free dialogue and trainer enthusiasm for the subject matter.
My favorite part of the class was the diversity.
I loved the enthusiasm, great stories.
The entire class was amazing.
Dynamic instructor!
Semi is an incredible instructor who greatly helped each of us in the class!
The dialogue with Semi and the other participants was invaluable. This allowed for a conversation as opposed to a presentation format.
I loved the open dialog. Semi did a great job facilitating the class and kept everyone engaged.
My favorite part of the training was learning about how to incorporate different personality traits into opportunities for building team efficiency. I think that is a valuable and important component in team success, and is largely undervalued in today's average workplace. I also enjoyed that it was based on current research, which provided a great foundation for the course.
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