Parker Outreach

Herbert M. Parker Outreach

The Parker Foundation offers your organization or school an opportunity to learn about radiological sciences—occupational and environmental radiation safety, nuclear history, as well as its progress and challenges.  Our speakers have decades of experiences to share with teachers, students, as well as civic and professional groups.

If you would like to invite a radiation safety professional to come into your class or if you need some assistance with a presentation, please let us know by clicking the ‘Request a Speaker’ button below.  We will gladly provide presentations or answer questions that are related to the subject areas within the expertise of the members of the Herbert Parker Foundation.

Examples of radiation science and radiation safety subject areas include basic atomic physics; radiation physics (i.e., alpha, beta, gamma radiation); occupational, public, or environmental radiation protection; radiation regulations; radioactivity; radiation detection instruments; radioactive materials; radiation health effects; radiation risk assessment; and health physics training and careers.

Email us to request a speaker to your event.