MN – Nurse Leader

Master of Nursing in Population Health: Nurse Leader

The MN Nursing Leadership program prepares you for an advanced practice leadership role in acute and outpatient settings. You will take the master’s core course work and additional course work in organizational leadership. You may enter the MN program with a BSN or the RN-MN program as an RN with a bachelor’s degree in any field.

Note: This is NOT a clinical nurse leader (CNL) program.

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With this degree, you will be prepared to work as a nurse administrator or in a leadership role in a number of healthcare settings including acute care, public health, outpatient clinics, home healthcare, and more.

Current Students

The College of Nursing provides academic support for students at the Tri-Cities, Vancouver, Walla Walla, Yakima and Spokane campuses. Visit the current students resources page for access to all the information you’ll need to be successful.

The College of Nursing awards at least $465,000 each year to support high-achieving nursing students who are striving to improve the quality of health care.

You may earn your MN degree via two pathways. Enter the MN program with a BSN degree, or choose the RN-MN pathway and enter the program as an RN with a bachelor’s degree in any field. Each pathway has a different application and admission process. Select your pathway below for additional application and admission information.

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If you are completing this track, you may take additional course work and apply for a graduate certificate in either Nursing Leadership or Nursing Education. Please contact the graduate program office for additional information.

Graduate program costs are subject to change and are meant to give you a general idea of program costs. For more information on the estimated cost of programs, visit the WSU Student Financial Services. Nursing program costs are listed under Professional Students.

MN & DNP Program Costs

WSU Application Fee $75
Tuition (in state) $8,878 per semester ($888 per credit for part-time)
Books $600 per year approximately
Course Fees $88-$144 per semester approximately
E*Value Fee $50 per semester
CPR/First Aid $65 approximately, cost varies
National Background Report $85 one time, upon admission
Washington State Patrol Background Report $10 yearly, beginning second year
Liability Insurance $20 yearly approximately
Name Badge $10 upon entrance
Health Fee (if taking 7+ cr) $87 yearly
Immunizations Varies, depending on need and where received
Graduation Application Fee $50-$75

Congratulations! You’ve Been Admitted. Now What?

Refer to WSU Spokane’s Admitted Student section of our website for information on what’s next in the admission process. This site includes orientation information, a list of nursing requirements, important dates and deadlines, and additional resources you will need during the admission process.

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