New Student printing solution

New Student printing solution

Welcome Back Students!

The Copy Center has some big news to share regarding your printing!

WSU Tri-Cities has partnered with Wepa to bring a new, innovative print solution to campus!

With Wepa printing, students can upload their documents to the Wepa print cloud from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection. Students can also access cloud storage provider accounts and insert a USB drive directly at any Wepa print station.

You will find machine in 3 locations around campus, Floyd Attrium, Library, & Nursing Building,  and more coming soon!


Below are details on how it works and how to print.

How to Print
1. Upload your documents to the Wepa print cloud using your WSU username & password.
2. Login at any Wepa print station with your
WSU username & password.
3. Print your documents.

Print Driver
One-time download to your personal computer:
*Print drivers are already installed on-campus computers.

1. Tap “Cloud Storage” at the print station
2. Select your preferred cloud storage provider

1. Using your WSU email account, email your documents to

1. Go to
2. Drag and drop your documents

 1. Insert your USB drive at the print station

Apple App or Android App
1. Download the “Wepa Print” app from the Apple® App Store or Google Play®