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Be a part of the WSU Tri-Cities learning community and collaborate with faculty who are pioneers in their fields of study. Don’t settle for an education that is limited to textbooks and lectures. Immerse yourself in one of WSU Tri-Cities’ signature programs where faculty provide enriching experiences to bring to life their field of study.

By leveraging the small campus size, you will thrive from personal attention from faculty. With an average class size of 15 students, you will not be another number in a lecture hall, you will be a contributor to interactive lectures and project-based learning.

From the moment you step foot on campus you’ll be supported and encouraged by caring faculty and staff. Take advantage of the opportunity to continue discussions outside the classroom or gaining extra help with assignments. At WSU Tri-Cities you will have the tools, and support system necessary to succeed.

Meet Dr. Roley

Reducing synthetic fertilizer use, pollution, farming costs, while freeing up nitrogen, mark possible benefits of a research project by Sarah Roley, assistant professor with the School of the Environment, WSU Tri-Cities. Dr. Roley, and her two colleagues, recently landed a $483,000 research grant from the National Science Foundation, to pursue a more detailed understanding of how bacteria work with perennial grasses to fix nitrogen. Read more…

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