Wepa Student Printing

Printing Services in partnership with Wepa has brought an innovative printing solution to campus for Students!

With Wepa printing, students can upload their documents to the Wepa print cloud from any computer, tablet, or mobile device with an internet connection. Students can also access cloud storage provider accounts and insert a USB drive directly at any Wepa print station.

You will find a Wepa machine in 4 locations around campus, Floyd Attrium, Student Union Building, CIC lobby, & Nursing Building,  and more coming soon.

To print from computer or phone download the print driver from wepanow.com/printapp.

How to Log into a Wepa Print Station
  1. Press “Don’t Have a Card?” under the tagged card graphic
  2. Press “WSU Account Login” button (first button)
  3. Insert WSU Pullman (MyWSU) account info and submit
  4. Press the next to your name in the upper right corner
  5. Select “Manage Tag” from menu
  6. Select “Add/Replace Tag” option
  7. Swipe any Magstrip Card, You should see confirmation of
    tag registration
  8. You can now quickly log in to any Wepa machine by just swiping the registered card
How to Add Funds to Wepa Account
  1. Press the “Wepa Balance: $X.XX” in the top corner just above the document selection box
  2. Select amount of funds you would like to add
  3. Insert Credit Card info (card slider does will not work for this) or use Paypal to finalize adding funds
How Upload Documents for Printing
  • Cloud
    Access your Box, Google Drive, Dropbox or Personal OneDrive account (Pullman will not allow for WSU OneDrive Account) at any wepa print station to print your files
  • Web
    Login at wepanow.com/webupload, Select “Document Upload”, choose your file, select print options, click “send print options”, log in to kiosk to print or use provided code
  • Traditional (Computer Print Driver)
    One-time download: wepanow.com/printapp, Open your document, choose “File>print” and select your preferred wepa printer
  • Email
    Using the email tied to your wepa account, email your documents to print@wepanow.com
    If using any other email, look for a return email that will give you a passcode to release the print job. Enter this code via the “I have a Wepa Code” button, then Login
  • Mobile
    Download the “Wepa Print” app (blue one) to your Android or iOS phone and click the “+” to add documents
  • USB
    Insert your USB drive at any wepa print station

If you have any question or require any assistance please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Floyd 101O/P