Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What happened to the Printing  & Shipping Services?

To better serve WSUTC and to do our part to reduce costs, we have closed and split Printing & Shipping Services. Shipping Services will still be located in the Floyd building in the same location, where you can send and pick up mail/packages. In the continued effort to reduce costs for printing and other services, Printing Services is no longer a service center. This means we now can reduce costs significantly and now charge the minimum amount for material costs and machine rental fees.


Where is Printing Services located?

We are now located in CIC second floor, room 225 (Computer Center). Services are available for faculty & staff.


Can I use a credit/debit card at Printing Services for personal prints?

We charge directly to workday program/grant codes for faculty/staff only. We are no longer accepting cash, card, or check as we are no longer servicing the public.


How do Submit something to be printed?

To submit and print job or to request a quote, please fill out our new online Print Request Form. While we do our best to accommodate last second print requests, please do you best to give at least one week lead time, as we can never guarantee a last minute request can be processed.


What is Findme secure printing and how do I use it?

Findme printing is the way you can print any document to a copier and not have it print till you walk to a machine on campus to release it. This is great option for a confidential documents, printing exams or printing to a machine closer to the room your course is located.

How to use Findme printing?

  • Make sure you have the Findme driver installed. If you need it installed it please contact CTC or Printing Services.
  • Findme prints a file from your computer or mobile device, by choosing the FindMe in the printer selection dialog box
    • If you have the ability to charge to multiple budgets, papercut will bring up a print dialog box to choose which budget to charge.
      If you don’t have multiple accounts, it will automatically charge whichever budget you have been assigned.
      (Note: if you are supposed to have multiple budgets and don’t have the dialog box, please contact Printing Services)
  • Once printer dialog boxes are completed, walk over to any copier located on campus
  • To release the print job, swipe your WSU ID card, input your WSU ID & PIN, or username & password
  • Once logged in, you can choose which print jobs to ‘Release’ and the document prints out on the copier
  • Once the print is “released” or printed, the print job will be removed from your print release que
    (Note: no other individual can see your print que)

How do I log into a machine?

  1. Swipe WSU ID Card (skip to #7) or
  2. Press the blank “or ID” line
  3. Input your WSU ID Number. (this is located on your WSU ID card) or
    (You may also log in via “username & password” button and use your WSU login info)
  4. Press the “OK” button on the bottom right of the screen.
  5. Press the blank “PIN” line
  6. Input 0000 as the PIN #. (if using WSI ID Number to log in, you may need to contact the Printing & Shipping Services to get a pin number created and to make sure you have the option to charge to the appropriate budget)
  7. Press the “Login” button
  8. Either click the “Print Release” button or There will be a list of print jobs at the top of the screen. Select which you would like to release for printing.
    If you need to use the machine for copies or scans press the “access device” button to use the device interface.