“Attending WSU Tri-Cities is probably one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The connections I’ve made here, the mentors I’ve had, the external family that I’ve now gained as part of the WSU Cougar community, is priceless. I couldn’t be more grateful for the amazing opportunities I’ve had and people I’ve met through my experience at WSU Tri-Cities.”
-Geoff, WSU Tri-Cities alumnus

WSU Tri-Cities is located just up the road and partners extensively with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Hanford Site contractors and many others in the Tri-Cities Research District, making it the ideal destination for those interested in studying science and other majors. There are a plethora of prestigious internships available for students.

As a result of connections he made through WSU Tri-Cities, Geoff landed several internships:

•U.S. Fish and Wildlife
•Mission Support Alliance
•U.S. Environmental Protection Agency


Located in the 7th best place for STEM grads in the US


Strong STEM + Arts Programs


Diverse make-up – A university home for everyone


Connections to Prestigious Internships