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Big Name. Small Campus.

Only at WSU Tri-Cities will you find the academic quality, active alumni base, and state of the art facilities of a big name like WSU coupled with the small campus experience and personalized hands-on education.

From your first day of classes to when your name is called at graduation, you’ll be part of a campus community that cares about you – your academic success, your personal achievements, your daily challenges, and your goals for the future.

Meet Vincent…

Vincent Danna

Vincent Danna recently graduated with a biological sciences degree. Now he’s applying his skills at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), where he conducts cancer research with the computational biology group. The team is analyzing ovarian cancer data in order to digitally categorize the productivity of enzymes within a cell that modify proteins and play a major role in the process of cell division. He plans to use his experience there to get into a good medical school. Read more…

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Our job is to answer your questions, not just about academics, but everything from student life to university facts. The admissions team is a one-stop shop of college information and scheduling a visit with one of the members is easy.

Pre-planning can eliminate some of the stress of applying to college. Schedule an individualized tour and get started on your path to navigate your college search.

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